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Briton acquitted of mugging ex-boyfriend
January 12, 2019
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DUBAI: A British woman suspected to have mugged her ex-boyfriend and decamped with his Dhs113, 600 valuables has won a second acquittal at the Dubai Appeals Court.

The female employee, 25, first appeared at the Dubai Criminal Court on suspicion she and a fugitive man attacked, knifed and restrained the Nigerian accountant, 30, inside his apartment on Mar.5.2018.

They made off with his Dhs110, 000 Rolex watch and Dhs3, 600 iPhone, according to his complaint at Al Barsha Police Station. She rebuffed the allegations and contended, “The accountant was my friend.

“I never stole anything from him. I don’t know why he is accusing me.” She revealed she owed him money. And that over the money dispute he supposedly decided to frame her into the theft case.

Her lawyer deemed the case details “illogical.” “The alleged victim concocted the case following a misunderstanding. He later contacted her and taunted her about the dire situation he landed her in.

“He told her he framed her so he could take revenge on her.” The court acquitted her. Prosecutors appealed seeking she be handed a punishment. The Dubai Appeals Court has overlooked the plea.

In police and prosecution records, the accountant said he was friends with her but then terminated the friendship following misunderstandings. She and a man stormed his apartment around 7:30am.

A heated argument broke out between him and the man. The man punched him in the face then pulled out a knife from a bag. The woman charged at him from behind and put him in a chokehold.

The man placed one hand on his neck and punched him. The woman combed the apartment while asking him where his watch was. She grabbed his vehicle key and walked outside the apartment.

He tried to free himself from the man’s grip. He pushed the man who clutched him again, stabbed his right cheek and left one. He pushed the man, escaped downstairs and alerted watchmen.

An Emirati sergeant revealed the woman upon arrest contended she went with a male friend to the accountant’s apartment to collect her belongings and that she walked away without causing any problem.

During further police questioning she said the man argued with the accountant. She took the vehicle key and left them exchanging blows. She opened the vehicle and removed items belonging to her.

Before prosecutors she said she had to get her belongings from the accountant’s apartment. A fugitive male friend escorted her and disputed with the accountant. The accountant fetched kitchen knife.

The fugitive intervened to seize the accountant’s hand and throw the knife away. She combed the apartment for her belongings. She got the vehicle key, went to the vehicle downstairs got her belongings and left.

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