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Virgo vantage
Your friendly astrologer Mel September 14, 2017
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The New Moon in Virgo is up this week for new beginnings that somehow revolve around routines, work, health and animal companions as well as with colleagues. It’s about clarity and hard work and being sincere and conscientious. It is also about being frugal and selfless, being of service, being clean and practical. Virgo looks at the minute details instead of the big picture but everything single thing matters to make that whole perfect! This Virgo new moon is backed by the Sun, Mercury and Mars (all in the sign of Virgo) and is also given a boost by Venus in Virgo at the end of this week. It’s a Virgo world and this week will prove it despite the challenges. Let’s find out more.

It’s about selflessness, hard work, dedication, duty, practicality and sincerity that will get one places and sees things through successfully. Any other modus operandi is not likely to see success. Live selflessly through this period and work hard expecting nothing but perfection. Bring clarity. Accept frugality. Stay simple and clean.
Clear the clutter and resolve the chaos!
The New Moon this week along with the other luminary, the Sun and planets Mercury and Mars in Virgo brings brand new beginnings for work and health. With Venus also moving into Virgo, the new beginning may involve new working environment and new health regime as well as new working relationships that warm the heart. This period is about selfless service to others and in this sphere, Aries is hardworking and sincere as well as conscientious. The New Moon emphasizes being scrupulous and honest about work and health despite the challenges from a gregarious overseas adventure that draws one away from important duties. It’s about making changes and adjustments but the focus is definitely on work and health.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings that spice up one’s love life, with children, creative pursuits and recreation. This is the period or the week to take a holiday and rejuvenate the self. However, Taurus has a way of being selfless with loved ones and with children and this period will prove that. It makes Taurus happy doing so and in that happiness, rewards come through. Despite the joint financial challenges, this period is about working with love for those that matter and enjoying the self because of it.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings in one’s home and family life. This period especially this week will bring many challenges that indicate changes are definitely needed in this sphere of life. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will add to the emotional energy that may give rise to tension and difficulties but with change, that is needed, matters can be resolved. This New Moon is packed with energy that calls for Gemini to make changes in home and family that involve short trips, relatives, children, siblings, education, one’s family identity and displays of frustration. Venus in Virgo also suggests more finances that are involved because of home and family. Despite partnership challenges, this period is about making changes for the betterment of home and family.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings in one’s current environment, with those around, with education and travels. This is a very supportive energy that is further boosted by the Sun, Mercury and Mars – planets that adhere to communication and action to better the self. This is a good week to interact and commute for there are many beneficial opportunities present. So spread the personal messages and offer selfless service to those around. Despite the challenges from work, health and even animal companions, this period calls out for interaction and travel that will be beneficial for Cancer.

LEO (JUL 21 AUG 20)
The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings to one’s finances and personal beliefs. This is a powerful week to involve with financial matters that need discussions. It is a favourable week with financial advisors and institutions backing Leo for new projects or additional income. It is a time for financial action that is practical. Venus moving into Virgo at the end of this week indicates a fruitful financial period to address these matters. Challenges from the need for additional recreation, needs of children or a romance will indicate that financial adjustments and change are needed for stabilizing the personal resources.

The New Moon in one’s own sign depicts a brand new beginning for self. This is a powerful week where the Sun, Mercury and Mars are also in Virgo and upcoming Venus at the end of the week adds to the Virgo energy. This is a period of action and power and Virgo is stronger than ever. This is the time to speak out, travel, communicate and promote the self to the world and those around. Challenges from home and family may mitigate the effects but with changes and adjustments, the conflicts may be resolved. This is indeed a good period for Virgo so make good use of this period, especially this week.

The New Moon in Virgo along with other planets and the Sun in Virgo indicates a new period of rest and retreat that is vital for Libra to restore the self. This may be the hibernation period from the outer world where the inner world of thought and emotion are in action. There are a lot of “behind-the-scenes” activities for Libra that could involve a secret rendezvous with romance or finance. The upcoming Venus in Virgo at the end of this week is a further indication of such matters. However, it is best to use this period wisely and pursue spiritual studies that calm the energy and rejuvenate the spirit despite the challenges from a busy environment. Changes are to be made where rest and retreat are given priority.

The New Moon in Virgo indicates new beginnings to one’s social life and goals. This is a strong week to interact and communicate – in short socialize with groups, organizations, friends and acquaintances. This is a very supportive period and week that brings many beneficial opportunities for Scorpio and seeks to fulfill long term goals that involve a social cause dedicated to hard work, health, animal companions and one’s colleagues. Despite challenges from personal finances where adjustments need to be made and budgets fixed to resolve conflicts, this social period has the added advantage of relationships and finances also coming to fore by the time the week is up.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings to one’s profession that involve work, health, colleagues, animal companions and routines. This is the period of change in the eyes of the world and Sagittarius may be wary about its reputation. Work is in for change as is the professional status. This is a period fraught with challenges where changes are needed, especially personal ones that are adjusted to make way for the new profession and public status. Expect communication, travel, a very hectic and active professional life as well as the challenges that come with all of these matters. Expect a change in identity and a new professional partnership or the beginning of one that is on the agenda at the end of the week.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings in one’s overseas, higher education and public life that involve the media. It focuses on work, health, animal companions and colleagues in one way or the other. This is a very favourable period for Capricorn so expanding the horizons through travel or higher education will prove to be very beneficial. There is support from those overseas. This is the week to charge ahead and take action. Venus in Virgo at the end of the weeks boosts the relationship and financial aspect related to overseas. Enjoy the rewards of this period and make the most of it to promote self overseas.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings to one’s joint financial ventures. It indicates a new partner or new resources. This financial period indicates that the partner is practical and limiting with finances but one who is committed to hard work, sincerity and conscientiousness to the joint financial relationship. Added to this is the Venus in Virgo shift by the end of this week that looks at promising finances and a business relationship as well as a personal one. The New Moon along with the Sun, Mercury and Mars are packed with action and interaction for the benefit of this joint venture despite the challenges from social organizations and groups. The latter calls for changes and a realistic financial budget plan that this period offers.

The New Moon in Virgo calls for new beginnings in one’s relationship. This is the start of a brand new one, the renewal of an existing one or the closure of the old one. It can be strongly opposing with the partner in power and going by the retrograde period that Pisces is experiencing, this period will be won over by partner, especially if matters are taken legally. This is the period of commitment for Pisces. With planetary energies in this sector and Venus coming up at the end of this week, this period is all about relationships and that special other, whether business and/or personal. Challenges from profession continue to stand in the way of this relationship and changes are needed to sort out matters and resolve conflicts.


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