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Virgo’s vivid!
Your friendly astrologer Mel September 13, 2018
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Ah, for the peace and quiet! This week, there’s no planetary shift and things pretty much stay the same way, except for occasional outbursts from the Moody Moon in a sign that opposes or challenges your own. Look out for such, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn as well as Taurus, Leo, Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, Aries, Cancer and Libra! That’s pretty much all the zodiac signs! It’s emotional gamut but will end, sooner than later. The Sun in Virgo continues relentlessly to get things right, to perfection and despite the emotional outbursts, it pays to be practical and be of service. Nothing is better than focusing on another — not to criticise but to serve! Enjoy the romance and passion and act to make changes for the future. Nothing disturbs on a large scale, for this week at least!

TIP OF THE WEEKContinue being selfless in your service, dedicated, honest and hard-working. This is one of those periods where work must take priority over all else as must truth and the need to bring order to chaos. Have a hard-working and fruitful week ahead! Stay selfless.

 March 21
April 20
Continue to work hard, be of service, look after your health, the welfare of your colleagues and your animal friends/family — you are bringing order to chaos. Interact and express yourself when it comes to any of these matters, it is important to make detailed study, hard analysis and work with zeal, selflessly. This week rouse your emotions related to profession but it’s a matter of understanding that authority and responsibility go together and is to be respected for the wisdom that comes from experience. Know that it may take another month before delays and setbacks related to your profession disappear. Remember, this is an intense period for financial partnerships and it is good to work on that angle.
 April 21
May 20
The beginning of this week may ruffle you emotionally in matters related to your relationship; your significant other but you need to find emotional balance, passion and depth — to be more sensitive to the needs of your partner. But the passion is overpowering, and resistance may prove to be futile. Nevertheless, this will breeze through as you have the generous support of a Virgo Sun that wants you to live, love and laugh as well as interact. You’ll do fine by arranging a great holiday for your loved ones. Selflessness always garners true and honest love. So simple — that’s what you like about it!
 May 21
June 20
The week continues to bring challenges related to home and family where you are called to make necessary changes. It may involve you having to be frugal, hard-working, analytical and careful. It calls for sensitive consideration for your family. You are likely to be on edge but give your undivided and selfless attention to your home and family in any matter that now calls out to you. Further discomfort may happen midweek in relation to your significant other. You may need to even the odds and find emotional balance with your partner who claims truth and seeks expansion. Work and health are now passionate causes for you and areas in which you need to expand. So, work away!
 June 21
July 20
The Virgo Sun continues to be supportive in clearing the clutter and bringing order to chaos for matters related to your current environment, with those around, with siblings, for education and short journeys. Continue to interact with those around; express your ideas and be curious to learn more. You may feel opposed by your partner by the end of this week, calling for emotional balance. The partnership continues with its struggle for power and authority. It can be tough but with seeking a solution that restores balance to you and the relationship, you will see this opposition through to a better foundation for your relationship.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The Virgo Sun and Mercury continue to encourage you and assist you via individuals for your personal finances. So, pay heed to that! Look after your resources, clear the financial clutter and bring order to chaos in this realm. This week dedicate yourself to just doing that! The startup of this week may be emotionally challenging for home and family considering your expansion and relocation plans, but this shall pass and must be accepted to better yourself, your family and the situations you find yourself in because of these needs. Just be aware of the expenses you may incur for home and family and work in synchronicity for your personal finances. Remember, your joint finances along with partners face setbacks, delays and other murkier stuff so you need to keep your finances crystal clear!
 Aug 21
You are in your element this week and may hay while the Sun shines on you! Promote yourself, get a makeover, start anew! You are at your peak for service, hard work, clear communication and educating the masses. You win approval for your clear thought and sheer selfless service to others. Midweek may disrupt your pleasant routines with challenges related to home and family. But, it’s all in a day’s work and this too shall pass, and you’ll learn more truth which is good for you and family involved. Relationships continue to need review and reflection and most of all, compassion and understanding. Focus on self for now.
Continue to rest and retreat from the outer world. You need rejuvenation for your mind, body and spirit. You also need to clear the clutter of thoughts and put things in order to gain clarity of what was in the past or has been hidden from you. Work alone during this period and work selflessly. In this process, you are likely to negate hidden forces working against you and will be forgiven or you will do the better thing: Forgive. The end of this week may see mayhem when it comes to home and family but with the deep changes and responsibilities involved, these things happen, and acceptance as well as accommodation are key words to get you through these turbulent times.
It’s that time of the year where you continue to mix and mingle with social groups, organizations, goals, friends and acquaintances. You need to work selflessly for the causes you believe in and support. You will be supported by others who see your selfless service. Interact with others who have the same ideals and goals as you, with a vision for clearer world. The beginning of this week may see you highly emotional so watch out for emotions that may need control or things can work against you. You are your zenith with strong planets backing you for now. So, be the best you can be! Socialize and get your visions, your goals in order! Find the support you need from friends, acquaintances and organizations.
The challenges continue related to profession and public life. You are called to bring order to chaos, to work hard and selflessly and to find and correct flaws that have been well hidden from sight. You are called to find truth. This is your forte in the professional world. Just be wary of your reputation. A lot of travel is on the charts for you that involve your profession. You are on public display, so watch your words, actions and your status. Midweek may find you emotionally charged but accommodation and acceptance to change are the keys to handle this uptight energy that appears to hem in your freedom and get you to work hard, burning the midnight oil!
It continues to be a favorable week for you with the Sun shining in Virgo highlighting your sphere of overseas, higher education, foreign media and even the in-laws or those waiting to be legalized. It’s a good time to travel and promote yourself overseas. Mercury brings good news via communication and commutation overseas and you are the highlight of all that is good and beneficial. Towards the end of the week may see you highly emotional, well hidden, of course. Take it in stride for these years are about schooling your emotions and making you tougher than ever before! Now that you know, take your flight. What are you waiting for?
The Sun continues to shine on your joint financial ventures and on your partner. This is your time to sort out the matters related to such financial ventures and bring order to a chaotic financial situation/condition. It’s about selfless service, hard work, being analytic and scrutinizing the details that have gone into this joint financial scheme. The beginning of the week may rock your emotional boat especially as it involves your professional and public side of life. This area is in for huge change, expansion and even relocation. So, now and again, the emotions will spill over. Just stay in control and try to be the observer.
This week continues with the opposition from partner. A significant relationship is looking for clarity, selflessness and truth, even if it hurts. You are being given the responsibility to fulfill such duties to your hard-working and honest other. If you aren’t, the relationship will go awry. So, step up and balance your emotions and give due attention and communication to your significant other. Midweek may see you challenged in your professional and public life. It is a growing hint for change that may involve relocation and expansion. Face the truth and be truth yourself, professionally or in the public eye. Accommodation and acceptance cannot be stressed enough as keys to a better life.

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