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Sportsman sued for passport forgery
BY HAMZA M. SENGENDO January 03, 2018
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DUBAI: An Armed Forces sports coach applied coffee on stamps in his passport to mar dates showing he travelled abroad without permission, a jury heard on Tuesday.

The forgery he committed in 2015 went undiscovered until the Jordanian man, 38, handed his passport to an Emirati immigration officer at Al Maktoum Airport at around 10pm on Sept.30.

He was about to travel abroad. The officer examined the passport and detected two stamps on different pages – a Sharjah Airport exit stamp and an Abu Dhabi Airport exit stamp – were altered.

The man tried to argue that he poured coffee in the passport by mistake. He then panicked and claimed almost all his colleagues were doing the same to evade experiencing salary cuts.

During prosecution interrogations the man revealed that he was working with the Armed Forces under an Abu Dhabi-based sports management institution from 2009 to 2017.

In 2015 he received his passport from the institution and went on a 30-day annual leave. He was supposed to hand back the passport on Sept.10, 2015. However, he returned and failed to do so.

He rather travelled back to Jordan via Sharjah Airport over a pressing need to bring his wife and children. He spent three days there. He entered via Abu Dhabi. His workmates learnt about it.

They told him that if the management discovered he travelled without permission and exceeded the allowed annual leave period he would be warned and fined Dhs500 on each day he delayed.

He decided to conceal the matter. He went to his apartment in Al Ain City, wetted a tissue with coffee and wiped the dates from both stamps before submitting the passport to the institution.

He confessed to have used the passport at his workplace and at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah airports after faking the stamps. Case continues.

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