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Royal Marine forced into demeaning punishments
December 01, 2017
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LONDON: A Royal Marine has described the bizarre and demeaning alleged punishments he was forced to undergo on a navy base that were chosen in a ‘Deal or No Deal’ style selection, from shaving off all of his body hair to repeatedly running up and down a hill while carrying scaffolding.

Marine Ryan Dunne, one of two alleged victims, told a court martial that the punishments were handed out as forfeits for minor misdemeanours during a gathering called Family Time in the television room at bases in Scotland.

The alleged incidents took place when the 5 Troop 43 Commando were tasked with guarding the Faslane Naval Base, home of the fleet’s nuclear submarines, on the River Clyde, and at the Royal Naval Armaments Depot at nearby Coulport, where the nuclear weapons are stored.

Corporals Danny Foster, 30, and Philip Beer, 34, both face charges of ill-treatment of a subordinate at the trial at Portsmouth Naval Base.

Mne Dunne told the court that Cpl Foster and Cpl Beer would “lead” the punishments handed out to those present.

He said the punishments would be either chosen by the throw of a dice or by playing a version of Deal Or No Deal using a PowerPoint presentation projected on to the wall, with one of the marines playing Noel Edmonds, including wearing a fake beard.

He said that on one occasion he had completed the Deal Or No Deal game and had come out with one of the more lenient punishments when Cpl Beer, acting as The Banker, stepped in and gave him the “New Born Baby” punishment which involved shaving off all body hair.

Mne Dunn said he shaved all his body apart from his backside and added: “I didn’t want to take a razor blade to that part of my body.”

He said that the following morning Cpl Beer asked another marine to inspect him and then ordered him to shave again but he refused.

He said that the two defendants then ordered him to run repeatedly up and down a hill for about one-and-a-half hours while carrying scaffolding poles and other heavy items from a building site.

He said he was also ordered to put a dirty mop bucket on his head.

A further punishment was given to carry a 24kg kettle bell for 24 hours and also carry 20 to 30 water barrels, weighing 20kg each, to the top of a hill before bringing them down again.

The Independent

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