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Tanya Khoury: Out of the light
May 24, 2013
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As an avid fan of the series and of J.J. Abrams, I was more than delighted with the premiere of his second Star Trek film, Into Darkness. A well-put cast that did not disappoint in the first part. My only concern was the 3D, like I have mentioned time and time again, for us glasses-wearing folk, this whole 3D business is just not pleasant. No matter, I was going to see it regardless of that factor. Abrams has his way with Sci-Fi fans and Star Trek is the start when comes to Sci-Fi.

Equipped with popcorn and frozen Fanta, as well as those glasses that made me look like someone from another planet, it all felt pretty adequate in preparation for the film, and as always I was a satisfied trekky. Just over two hours of experiencing the world out there, I enjoyed every minute of it. And it pains me to say it but it was absolutely wonderful in 3D. I didn’t feel nauseous at all! The visual aspect was stunning, the colours, the effects, nothing overpowering but all encompassing, a truly rich movie experience.

The plot was also very interesting, the writers all having worked with J.J. in the past and as well as writing for one of my favourite shows – Fringe, knew just how to put it all together. There were many references and subtle connotations to the world we live in today and albeit being set in the very distant future, all the aspects tackled remained very relevant in today’s world. The world of darkness felt like a warped piece of news that we sadly hear of day in day out on the news.

I really appreciated how this was all put together, this is  PG-13 rated film was indeed placed correctly. It is not a film for everyone (I mean children in this aspect), people may view it as all very Sci-Fi and fantasy like but the fact of the matter is, that I felt it suited more than kind of viewer; people just have to be patient and really let the film take you on the journey.  Many of the people I spoke to felt that this was too dragged out and boring for a summer flick! I mean I disagree with that point entirely, this was a meticulous film and yes although it is placed in the ‘blockbuster’ category it is way more than that. There is intelligence and hard work that comes with this kind of film and it was very apparent to me when I saw it.

Clearly I am biased towards the filmmakers’ only because I love their work and like I said I am a trekky, but I think that you should all give this team some credit and go see it for yourselves, 3D and all. The cast is yet again wonderfully placed and the so-called villain is true to his form, the talented Benedict Cumberbatch, a brilliant addition to the cast that just took the whole film into another level.  The British accent added more spice to the mix and just made his character ‘Khan’ just the more mysterious.  Well done to the makers of the film, it was pure entertainment; the added writing subtlety just completed the recipe. Go see it, you will not be disappointed. 8/10.
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