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Tanya Khoury: That classic touch
November 09, 2012
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50 years and the Bond legacy lives on, one can never have enough of Bond I say, and here’s to 50 more years of 007!

This year’s Skyfall is directed by Sam Mendes and just with that statement, Skyfall trumps its predecessor Quantum of Solace already. I think Daniel Craig makes for quite an excellent Bond and after that last blunder I had my doubts on this year’s performance. This however changed after Mendes stepped up to the task and Javier Bardem joined this year’s cast. As far as I am concerned, the movie could last forever with those two on screen; I know we are in for a treat.

We have a classic Bond this year, and it is evident in Mendes’s direction, the plot focuses on the characters and their development. Yes, there is the main spy element as well a hitman or two to catch, but that comes secondary to how the direction is set, and don’t get me wrong, it is definitely action packed. Just not your run-of-the-mil, irrational kind of action-packed flick. Given the fact that we are referring to a Bond film, the fantasy versus reality factor is always present and suited for entertainment purposes. This film captures more of the mature/classic/old school style of story if you get my drift. 

As much as Bond’s gadgets are the subject of every young man’s conversation, in Skyfall there is a limit to all that. This is the old 007 versus the new, this is more emotionally skewed versus the flashy driven and I like and appreciate it all. It takes us back to an era when just a gun and fancy car sufficed, and of course that beautifully fitted tuxedo. 

Like I mentioned above the plot involves the chase between the MI6 and the main villain, this villain however is just perfect in every way shape or form. Yes I am talking about Bardem, who simply can never mess up a role, ever. The gifted actor that he is, the versatility in his performances continues to wow audiences all around. He plays the main bad man that haunts M’s past. The way he is introduced in the film is interesting; as soon as he stepped onto the screen the film suddenly upped its game. He virtually steals every scene he is in, and it just makes for a more interesting story. His often-creepy smirk in addition to his dark past, alongside a well-written script makes you want to see him even more.

The chemistry between them all is perfect and the introduction of Ralph Fiennes’s character fits pretty well within that picture. The one thing that I felt just didn’t gel as much as I wanted it to was Naomie Harris’s character Eve, also known as Ms Moneypenny. This is a vital character to the continuation of the Bond flicks once introduced and I just found her character very lacking, there was no flare at all and her scenes just felt too rehearsed. You would expect there to be a lot more from Bond and Eve since in the past their characters are always amusing.

Even with that mishap the overall package of this year’s bond was a hit, I enjoyed it and did not feel those two hours 23 minutes go by at all. Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem have a lot to do with that I must say. Sam Mendes as well as the writers did this film a lot of justice and I look forward to the next one soon that later! 007 and co get a deserving 7.9/10.

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