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LiLo’s lows and never-ending woes
by Saibal Chatterjee December 13, 2012
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Tough times call for desperate measures. But is oft-troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan ready to make a genuine go of it? On the evidence available so far, she does not seem to be learning from her past mistakes. As a result, her problems continue to pile up.

Federal taxmen are on her case for defaults. Her attempt to resurrect her career with Liz & Dick, a television film about the tumultuous and legendary love life of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, has come unstuck. And now she risks legal action for an alleged assault on fortune-teller Tiffany Eve Mitchell in the VIP lounge of an exclusive New York hotspot on Nov.29.

Lindsay is reported to have delivered a sucker punch on Mitchell’s face after they got into a heated argument at the ultra-chic Avenue nightclub. Some eyewitnesses, quick to jump to the alleged assault victim’s defence, claimed that LiLo was drinking heavily and doing cocaine before the brawl erupted.

Lindsay has refused rehab to address her alcohol addiction. Her argument is that she has shot three films in the recent past and is in no need of help. Prosecutors and NYPD officers, who arrested her on the night of the nightclub scuffle, are now reported to be mulling over whether there is enough evidence to launch criminal proceedings against Lindsay.

The view is increasingly gaining ground that the 26-year-old Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded star, now on bail, has little regard for the law and that she should be behind bars for her repeated public misdemeanors.

Lindsay is due in court in New York for the case on Jan.7. Nearly a month ahead of that, on Dec.12, she is slated to be arraigned at the other end of the country on three charges related to a June incident in which her Porsche rammed into the back of a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, California. She claimed before the police that she wasn’t at the wheel when the accident occurred.

The charges against Lindsay pertain to lying to the police, reckless driving and obstructing a lawman from performance of his duty. These are serious enough acts to warrant a revocation of the probation that she has been serving since being convicted in a 2011 shoplifting case.

If the probation is revoked, Lindsay will have to cough up cash for a new bail bond. Given her current severe financial woes, that might be another burden on the luckless girl. If she fails to get a new bail bond, she might have to serve a 245-day prison term for the suspended sentence minus the 120-day jail levied earlier.

The government has seized Lindsay’s bank accounts in an effort to recover nearly 234,000 in unpaid taxes from the financial years 2009 and 2011 plus an unspecified amount. Lindsay has received financial help from actor and Scary Movie 5 co-star Charlie Sheen, who has himself been at the receiving end of much misfortune. According to some accounts, LiLo also made a substantial amount of cash from a recent commercial that she appeared in. But all the money that is flowing into her accounts doesn’t seem to be buying her any luck at all.

While her much-anticipated movie Liz & Dick, which she thought would put her career back on the rails, came in for unbridled derision from critics, viewers and industry pros, the cable channel that commissioned the ill-fated TV film, Limelight, is likely to sue the actress for breach of contract.

The breach clause comes because Lohan’s contract with Lifetime’s insurance company explicitly spelt out that the actor would not drive a vehicle or board one other than one driven by a representative of Lifetime channel.

It has been one hell of a series of troubles for Lindsay since her life took a downturn 2006. The girl has been through hell but nothing appears to have devastated her more than the brickbats that her work in Liz & Dick has provoked. Lindsay has been accustomed to bad press surrounding her personal life but never before have the reviews for her professional work been quite as nasty.

Even as her life hit the skids, her performances were never panned outright. In fact, Lindsay won awards and accolades for performances in The Parent Trap (which made her a child star to reckon with), Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Her acting abilities were never called into question.

But after the Liz & Dick debacle, she seems to be losing grip on the one thing that has kept her going – her natural acting prowess. Are the complications of her personal life beginning to take a toll on the professional who attained stardom well before she stepped into her teens?

When a star goes bad, her stars, too, tend to desert her. And that is exactly what seems to be happening to LiLo. Did the negative reviews for Liz & Dick push her over the edge? The law will take its course. Those who still believe that Lindsay Lohan will outlive her woes can only hope that can pull herself out of the new hole she has dug for herself.
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