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Tanya Khoury: Cuarón does it again
October 25, 2013
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The name Alfonso Cuarón should be enough to excite movie goers of all tastes. From Y Tu Mamá También to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this writer/director/cinematographer/

producer is a jack of all traits. He has the talent and ability to satisfy audiences of all ages and genres.  And Gravity is a no-holds-barred, visual feast that takes you all the way to space and leaves you there to experience and visualise it in the best way that only Cuarón can. It’s all in space, how can that not be fantastic!

From the start till the last of the 91 minutes (yes, surprisingly short) there was no time to even flinch or think about this scene or that. You are instantly sucked into the vastness of space and the mission the astronauts are set out to accomplish. The plot is simple, not much to think about there, the story is a seamless flow of events and emotions, at one point I hadn’t even realised that I was clenching the frozen Fanta until I felt the ice pouring onto my jeans (I didn’t mind, the mission was  a lot more important). I must say, however, that I was not expecting Bullock to be chosen for the main role, for I find her acting – as much as she is Hollywood’s sweetheart – just a little too whiny for my taste. She didn’t bother me too much in this film though; I was much too focused on what was to happen next.

What I really appreciate about this film is really how this film was made. I know that now practically everything is digitally possible, but once you go out there it really is a beauty to capture. To think that all this was done on a digital screen and behind a green wall with the actors floating around must not have been easy to say the least. One must give much credit to that fact alone. I will not get into any factual statements about whether certain aspects of the film are actually possible in space or not because this is not what it is all about, although some people may sit and argue for hours how this scene is just not correct physics or what not – the premise is real. These kinds of missions happen and astronauts are quite incredible. What they do is very surreal and you can see it in our daily lives. This film just gives us a much closer angle to how amazing these people really are.

Don’t over think it, it is just a movie after all. It took a lot of time and effort to make and when an accomplished talent like Alfonso Cuarón puts his hands on a project, you must at least give it a chance. Please also go see the film in IMAX or 3D – I really don’t like the experience because I wear glasses and another pair on my face is just discomfort defined – it makes the film worth it. Enjoy a different kind of experience. Thank you Cuarón for making me love you just a little more now. 8/10.

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