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Sula Powell: Case laws and scones
January 08, 2016
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This week my last piece of group coursework was submitted — hugely elated as you can imagine! However, as expected nothing is complete for me without some sort of unnecessary drama just to spice things up and raise my blood pressure to an obscene level. I am well aware I can possibly exaggerate a miniscule amount but university deadlines seriously wind me up. I am positive they are responsible for the breakouts I was experiencing and not my ‘study snacks,’ a full plate of nachos and a medium sized pizza that I ate all by myself without a struggle which, by the way, is usually a large but I managed to compose myself and remain content.

The coursework word limit took what seemed like an age to meet (I always talk far, far too much and continuously write a few thousand words over the limit, nothing new) meaning another 3am finish was required. On the day of submission, precisely 30 minutes before, it was brought to our attention we had not included a couple of areas in our word count — typical. My fellow group member and I were sat perched on my bed sweating profusely, butchering out words. I think in the end the abstract was only a few lines and I had finished nearly a full can of deodorant.

I had one more meal (all three courses naturally) with my friend before she left, at Jamie’s Italian restaurant in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. I was in complete awe of the hotel as I have never actually been inside. Potentially a stay is in order one day after the student budget is long gone. I am still bemused that some of these restaurants are included on my entertainer guide plus you get to visit three times.

As I have said this would most definitely not occur back home! Afterwards we had a ride along the pier towards the Burj Al Arab on the golf buggy, which was absolutely my favourite part — I am still very much a child with some things and very easily pleased.

It is very, nearly almost time for the semester 1 final exams but I have two more outings to enjoy before I am barricaded in the library. Firstly, I attended the golf championships at the Jumeirah Golf Estates again for a second year — primarily because it is free.

Admittedly I am not a golf fan nor am I educated in the sport, I remember turning up last year and being told off for speaking too loud. I was speaking at my normal volume (which apparently escalates the more excited I get, maybe a Scottish thing) but wasn’t aware that you are required to remain completely silent when a golfer is taking their shot. Perhaps anyone with common sense would know that, but no not me. This time my spectator etiquette was near perfect, and no rows from the officials! Maybe I was extra quiet because I ate the whole time — the fish and chips from the Leftbank stand were authentic and on par with fish and chips from back home, which is unusual to find in Dubai.

The event seemed a lot busier this year and I stayed later for the live music which is more my scene. I have never gone to watch golf before back home, ever, far too boring, sorry to all golfing enthusiasts. However, golf in the UAE is more than just golf. Dubai always exceeds my expectations.

Something new I did recently was attend the Rugby Sevens. I am quite a fan of rugby (players) and was desperate to go last year but I couldn’t justify paying that amount for a ticket. Luckily for me this time my friend, who is a complete saint, had two extra VIP tickets gifted to her from work, the perks of networking and somewhat extremely generous friends!

This also conveniently for me, meant all day access to the buffet.Yes, I ate a disgusting amount of scones and clotted cream during the afternoon tea. I should really have been studying for my Commercial Law exam but I do remember at one point reciting case laws just to ensure I would not consume any more scones. Let’s see if that theory pays off this month.
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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