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Tanya Khoury: Stuffed with jokes
August 03, 2012
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Ah the comedies of the summer, creeping their way into the web of action blockbusters, they may be a dime a dozen but when they are good they are exceptional. Seth Macfarlane steps out of his beloved Family Guy role for a little while to write and direct Ted, a story revolving a guy and his stuffed animal that can talk. Maybe Macfarlane didn’t really move that far away from Family Guy after all…Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis star along with that sweet looking bear (voiced by Seth himself) in a bizarre plot that on script may have looked like quite the challenge to be delivered on screen.

I was sceptical, didn’t really think that this could be pulled off smoothly. I am a fan of the actors and definitely a fan of Macfarlane, but seeing the trailer prior to the film I felt that it may be one of those films that just would have been better left as an idea. The theatre felt like a frat house filled with the younger generations that had the stamp of the approval even before the movie began, and so I moulded with the crowd and waited in anticipation for the political incorrectness to begin.

If you are a sensitive movie-goer or a have a problem with overly cheery and loud audiences then perhaps you should wait for the DVD release. This film has the typical Macfarlane formula, it was quite a challenge to get Peter Griffin out of my head and accept that this in fact is not a Family Guy episode and Stewie will not be plotting anyone’s death any time soon. John Bennett is Wahlberg and Ted is the bear that the Christmas miracle delivered. Lori played by Kunis is Bennett’s long-term girlfriend who puts her foot down and feels that three is crowd may be somewhat of an overstatement.

The movie is entertaining yes, the acting is very good and the characters have great chemistry. Ted is funny because Seth Macfarlane is funny, the situations and the conversations are hilarious and pretty offensive (like I said, no to the sensitive bunch). The problem, however, was that it dragged and dragged. I mean how many times can you go over the same situation. Every angle is covered and you try to embellish it with more comedy but after a good hour and fifteen minutes you kind of get the picture and want the picture to change.

Don’t get me wrong – there were laugh-out-loud moments for sure, and this comedy may have been one of the better ones that I have seen this year. I just am a selfish viewer and want the film to cater more to me that’s all. The crowd around me was loving every minute and perhaps didn’t want it to end (the film ran for just under two hours). For entertainment purposes it was a winner – seeing that bear tell inappropriate jokes as wrong as it may be was quite amusing after all.

Overall and taking out some of the jokes that fell flat, the length of the film and just the overall concept, it was generally ok, and given the purpose and genre it was more than ok, Seth and his gang worked well with what they created and we can all go back to watching that dysfunctional family with the kid who has an oversized head and a British accent waiting to kill Louis every chance he could. As far as the movie goes, it works with a 6.5.
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