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Role model
January 11, 2018
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We met international supermodel Adriana Lima at the Gramercy Park Hotel in Manhattan. She is also the host of “American Beauty Star” on A&E television network.

Tell us why you decided to become a producer of this new show.

When I got the call to be part of the show, I never thought that it would be possible for me to host the show. And when I got an offer from the producer of the show, I feel very lucky because I get a part to create some ideas behind the challenges. So I’m learning as we go because this is the first time I host a TV show and we have different challenges that I hope you guys enjoy.

Has anyone ever tried to come up on the runway while you were walking?

Not yet. Not yet, and I hope it will stay that way. It would be very scary.
Where did you get your inspiration for your new show?

My inspiration for my new show is my children. They actually inspire me in everything I do, in my everyday work. I want to make them proud when they see me or when I come home or in the future. So everything I do is thinking of them.

Hair and makeup are a multibillion-dollar industry. What will the viewers learn from your show?

There are many things. You’re going to learn, you’re going to see what goes behind the creation, the process. It’s not only a picture when you do. You know how they get inspired. And hair and makeup artists, where they come from. Why they decided to follow hair or be a hair stylist, for example. ... How do they (the models) feel about how they’ve been treated? How they feel about how they look. You know, it’s not only about hair. It’s about how you feel and what is behind it.

What do you think is the next fashion for girls?

The next fashion for girls, you know, I believe that every girl should create their own fashion, whatever it is. If you want to wear pink lipstick to a formal, wear a sock in different colour, just do it _ like, you make the trends. You don’t follow. So whatever you want to do, you just make your own statement.

How do you pick your look?

My look for the runway? It depends. ... Fashion shows, usually we don’t get a chance to pick our looks. But sometimes if you feel a little uncomfortable, you can change certain things. But when you do red carpet appearances — which could be, for example, the Golden Globes or Emmys or something like that — you can pick what you wear. And it depends, I like to watch movies sometimes and get inspired by movies. And I want to feel comfortable, too. Sometimes my kids pick for me, too. And yes, OK, I like it. And they have good taste. I like it usually. They love high heels. I would go in the flat shoes.

What advice would you give this generation of females with respect to wearing makeup and having their hair done? Does this make a woman more appealing?

I think it’s about how you feel. If you feel comfortable not wearing makeup, great. If you want to wear a lip balm, wear a lip balm. Red lipstick, which is my thing, wear it. It’s about how you feel, really, and what you like. It’s not about following what people are telling you to do.

Would you encourage your daughters to enter beauty pageants?

I think I can see whatever makes them happy, I would be supportive of them. I see my oldest daughter, I think she will definitely become a model. Whatever is happiness for them, I will be right there. As long as they finish school.

What is your biggest fear while walking on the runway?

You know, sometimes the floor is very slippery and sometimes you put sand on the floor on the runway. And we’re walking with shoes like this, so it’s not easy. Sometimes we have dresses and it will be kind of embarrassing if you fall down. So that’s the biggest fear, falling down on the runway — it’s so silly.

You are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. Describe to us what makes a woman beautiful.

I think what makes a woman beautiful is them being themselves, embracing who they are. Whatever it is, if your personality — if you’re nervous, if you’re shy, you just embrace that. And there is no such thing as perfect in life. Imperfections are also beautiful, and you just accept yourself in the way you are. That’s the beauty.

Christina Cooke, Janine Saraceno, Maggie Mcdermott and Kaitlin Wing/Tribune News Service

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