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Capricorn in charge
Your friendly astrologer Mel January 03, 2018
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So this week is about taking stock, in a serious way, of the new positioning of Saturn in Capricorn. Sun, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn pack a solid punch that involves the identity, responsibilities, authority and power.  It is, quite literally and figuratively, getting down to business and being serious in whatever you undertake.  It can be very challenging to some signs (Libra, Aries and Cancer) as this authority overrules their authority and even difficult for some to handle (Gemini, Leo) while for other signs this could be a valuable learning period (Sagittarius, Aquarius). But for some signs, this could be a favourable phase (Taurus, Virgo) and supportive (Scorpio, Pisces) but for Capricorn, it can be an empowering one — so handle this energy with commitment of the constructive kind.  Let’s face Saturn.
Now that Saturn is in Capricorn, along with other planets, it is time to get serious and committed, be dutiful, respectful of authorities and above responsible for all your actions.  If you adhere you are in for a better period, if not now, then later on.  Stay on the side of the law and of justice.  You can’t go wrong. Be sensible this week! Your friendly astrologer, Mel

 March 21
April 20
This can be a challenging beginning to your New Year, with authorities that enforce you to change your ways – at least publicly and professional. The Rebel in you is bound to clash wills with these authorities but if you are being rash and impulsive or even hotheaded and arrogant, dismissing this powerful authority, it could be a professional downhill for you. This is the time to look after your reputation with even greater care than you ever did before. If you abide by your duties, be committed to your profession and take up the responsibility, then this could be the period that establishes you in the highest way for the world to see. Work with your authorities and know they offer wisdom to mend your professional ways, remove you from position of authority.
 April 21
May 20
This Saturn is going to help you reap your rewards if you co-operate and you most likely will since the authorities smile on you. This is a good phase to work your way in connection to overseas matters. The time is ripe to take that much awaited trip. Love, money and promotion are some of the perks from this Saturn-fused period and it can turn out to be long-lasting. Just be aware that your health needs attending to and that you can do with long bouts of rest and retreat to recoup but don’t be rebellious about it.
 May 21
June 20
This Saturn, along with the Sun, Venus and Pluto will pose some difficulties if you have been slipshod and careless or irresponsible towards commitments that involve joint financial ventures. In this case, it is time to take stock of the serious situation of joint finances that may surface for your awakening and restructuring. It could be the death of a joint financial investment or the renewing of an old one or even better, the beginning of a new and long-lasting one. Whatever the outcome this Saturn brings, it is time to be strong and committed to joint resources for two finances are better than one for you, at least during the 2.5 year Saturn phase for this is one powerful period to work at it.
 June 21
July 20
The quartet of Capricorn in your house of relationship speaks volumes. This is a strong period for renewing old relationships or beginning new ones. It is also the period of ending a relationship that had no structure, no commitment, no responsibility and no dignity.  Your commitment to this relationship may leave you feeling overwhelmed and even physically weak but allow the phase to help you learn to be firm and steady and maybe even rely on partner for support.  This can be very emotionally exhausting as the relationship may appear to be remorseless but sometimes as the wise say, in certain situations, what may appear to be cruel to you is actually being kind.  Stay strong.
 July 21
Aug. 20
This Capricorn group is very powerful and unsettles you if you have been negligent, careless, irresponsible or even arrogant towards work, health, colleagues, animal companions as well as daily routines.  You get to get back to the grind to prove your mettle and this Capricorn period will ensure you do.  It can pose difficulties if you are not willing to learn or be the compliant student and should this happen there can be repercussions to your health and your work.  You need to structure your time, your day and organize your work. You need get serious about your health looking into nutritious food that supports your bones, your structure, your frame and your teeth.  Get going.
 Aug 21
This Capricorn group is about to make your world better. After the trying 2.5 years of Saturn being in Sagittarius enforcing you to change, bringing challenges and playing emotional havoc with you, this time, the new change will make a favourable difference for you and it is to do with love, the lasting and committed kind, with children, maybe new additions or with creative ventures close to your heart as well as recreational breaks that you’ve definitely earned. But best of all, it will be structuring and stabilizing your world, both inner and outer, and for you it is what matters. This Saturn, along with Venus, the Sun and Pluto is promoting you for better times.
Things have to be changed and there is no powerful period than right now when Saturn, Venus, Pluto and the Sun are grouped in Capricorn and ensuring that you look into your home and family matters, taking up responsibilities and duties with a passionate commitment. This period may appear to bring countless challenges but it is here to better the home and family. Some members may leave, others will come to stay.  Your home, both inner and outer, is seeking change and this period will enforce that you comply for it to be better for you and those involved. Structure your home, your finances; your relationships and above all structure the self.
The group of planets in the sign of Capricorn predicts a period of support for you especially from those around you, your current environment, from relatives and siblings and from your tutors.  This is a period of learning and where you will learn that knowledge is power.  It is about restructuring your current environment in a better way for you and for those around you. This period is at its peak so if you are looking to travel, to further educate yourself, to interact and communicate with others, giving and receiving ideas and information for the benefit of you and all around you, this is that period. Go for it.
The Earthy planets in the sign of Capricorn are here to get your feet on the ground and implant you with wisdom surrounding your personal finances, resources and beliefs, convictions and values. This is a resourceful period and it is best to listen to the wisdom of financiers who assist in stabilising your wealth. It is also a rich period to grow financially. It is best to be wise in investments and other financial matters and to be committed and serious in duties and responsibilities that involve your finances. Take heart for these financial teachers will restrain you but only for you own good, if you listen to them carefully.
The Sun, Venus, Pluto and now Saturn in your own sign mark a very powerful period for you. It is your period to establish your worth and to believe in yourself. Love yourself for your commitment, for being so responsible, for always being there for the vulnerable and those you truly love; for being sincere and genuine and for the endless duties you perform for your loved ones. This period seeks to glorify you but don’t overdo it — don’t let the power and fame rush to your head for it can prove destructive over time. This is very good period for you if used constructively. You are in total power.  Take the throne with confidence and humility.  You deserve it.
The group in Capricorn that is now ever powerful (or so it seems) is about to advise you strongly about getting that much needed rest and retreat from the outer world. This is your period to recuperate and regenerate. In quiet. In peace.  In solitude. Everything takes on a shade of privacy for you. Physically, you may not be up to anything much because the body needs the rest. Secretive alliances, finances, power struggles and other challenges surface in your inner world so that you may meditate, reflect and realise. This is a good period to do so.  Get that rest. Now.
This Capricorn group that now has Saturn sitting at the helm of affairs is seeking to support you especially in matters related to social causes and organisations. You are likely to have strong friends and acquaintances get up to support you only if you have been sincerely committed to a cause and to a social group that has stirred your passion.  Structures, rules and regulations are needed despite the emotional, idealistic viewpoint for your dream to manifest and your vision to unfold. Get ready to work hard for and stay committed to your cause and your goals and only then, if Saturn sees the wisdom in this move, will you get steady and long-lasting support. If your dream, cause or vision has been an illusion, Saturn will see the end of it. Is it?

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