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Capricorn cadets
Your friendly astrologer Mel January 10, 2019
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It’s time to settle in with the new energies before the next astrological move. So, this week, there’s no excess, new energy to handle. Only the Moon’s quick movements will ruffle the waters, but it will be swift. Currently, there are strong planetary energies that need discipline and deep understanding. You need to feel focused and ready to work and take on responsibility. The Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn pushing you to work harder and be more responsible; to respect authority and aim for the top of the mountain. Of course, there will be resistance and even hostility but that’s what you need to sort out this week. Let’s find out how.

TIP OF THE WEEKCapricorn energy continues to advise you to be disciplined, hard-working, ambitious, responsible and dutiful that will earn you the respect and reward you will receive at the end of this test. So, imbibe these qualities for a successful life and career.To disciplining the self for a more respectful, responsible and rugged you this week forth!

 March 21
April 20
Although there are no planetary shifts, this week will prove to be tough and challenging. Your profession and public status are pushing you to make changes; listen to authority; discipline yourself, take on more responsibility and change your current professional position. At this time, you aren’t going to take it lightly as the restraining authorities may antagonize you and cause you to make rash and reckless changes; take impulsive action. As this is a clash between self and the world, you will need to make changes and find solutions so that you can run both spheres, the professional and personal, of your life smoothly.
 April 21
May 20
The quartet in Capricorn is really a melodious time for you and it continues into this week as well. You are on the right track if you are travelling far and wide, looking to expand or relocate and getting the attention of the media (for all the right reasons, we hope) or even bonding with your in-laws. This is a great time to promote your personality overseas. You will be well received. Just be aware that you may tire easily and need your physical rest; that the past may bring back volatility and hidden changes may disturb this promising period, but you will need to make necessary changes to balance both spheres, if you are to make the most of this week!
 May 21
June 20
It’s a week that continues to be about relationships that may be too much for you to handle and about committing to joint, financial ventures where discipline and authority are paramount for a long-term financial venture that involves your significant other – business and/or personal. Your social life and wants may challenge your need to build and secure your resources with another but that is the test this week. You will need to find solutions that allow your need to socialize impulsively yet within financial limits. Your social life is about finalizing your groups and goals. Yet, do stay in financial control.
 June 21
July 20
This week, the planetary energy continues to focus, hard and strong, on your significant relationship. It involves your partner and there is grave need for commitment; for discussions; for legalities and for power and control. It can be a very exhausting or exhilarating period depending on the stage of your relationship. You and your partner will need to find balance and it pays to remember that your partner is in power. Also, do be aware that the needs of profession and your public life is raring to make changes that may be impulsive and reckless, and could cost your relationship. You are driven to make changes, so the need for solutions to handle both these conflicting spheres are needed. Again, the advice is balance and understanding.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The group of planets in your sphere of work and health continues to advise you to work harder, be more responsible and look after your health as well as that of your colleagues and even your animals. It’s a busy beginning to this New Year that may take a lot out of you but has more to offer in terms of status, power and stability. You are a strong leader to those who look up to you for service and care. More than that, you are their father figure. Remember there are clashes from your driving need to get away and pursue distant shores where you make exciting, even sudden changes that brook problems related to your work and health. So, balance these two conflicting spheres and find solutions that allow you to travel the world over but be responsible and dedicated to your work and health.
 Aug 21
This week continues with favorable events that light up your love life, that of your children, your extra-curricular activities and your creative ventures. You are ready for love and this week will empower you to take responsibility for self and your loved ones by going on a holiday or simply loving and enjoying life with them. It’s a strong period but it does have its challenges from the active joint financial venture and the changes that go along with it. Be moderate with your finances, especially with that of your partner even as you enjoy yourself. Remember, its your responsibility to do so! That’s a bonus and you deserve it!
The Capricorn effect continues into this week challenging you to make serious changes to your home and family life. You are the role model and will be called upon to make decisions, instill discipline and take more responsibility for your loved ones. This could also be the time to make property purchases that will stand the test of time in the long run, albeit a good one! However, clashes from a significant other may challenge you further. Your partner is active and can make sudden changes that unnerve you. You will need to find solutions for you, your partner and for your home/family. Change is the answer as is accommodating and accepting it.
The group of planets in Capricorn continue to encourage and support you for ideas, short journeys, interaction with those around, with siblings and for education. This is a good period to commit to your current environment or pursue some serious study that will give you sturdy benefits and higher status. You thirst after knowledge for the power it brings. However, too much going on at work, for health, for animals and your hectic daily routines do not provide the time to pursue your education and interaction. You are super busy, but you will need to make time for both spheres if you are to reap the rewards of what this Capricorn quartet can do for you.
The Capricorn planets continue to advise and assist you in establishing your personal financials and securities. You are here to discipline yourself, make a commitment to fortify yourself financially and to empower yourself, materially. However, there is plenty of action that draws you to the leisure and pleasure life where you are likely to go overboard with the finances. This would be the period to balance out the needs of both spheres and make hay while the Sun shines. Give to each equally and watch that budget!
The quartet in your own sign continues to empower and strengthen you. You are at your best and are advised to showcase the new you as well as interact, promote and present yourself. You will be accepted for it is a powerful period for you. However, a busy and often aggressive home environment may leave you little or no time for self if you get swept away in the bustling tide with its sudden changes. You will need to make changes to both spheres, dedicating time for your own personal life and plans as well as be active and take initiative for home and family. Get enough rest as well! The solution: Organize!
The Capricorn quartet continues to advise you to get enough rest and retreat from the outer world. You need power to rejuvenate yourself. You need healing from the past and if confinement or retreat is the way to do it, then it will be so. Hence, rest and interact with your inner self. Communion with self will bring wisdom and understanding. However, a busy and active current environment with its sudden and exciting changes that stimulate you may not allow you the retreat and solitude you need but if you choose to ignore that need, you may turn ill or be confined for your own good. Hence, balance both spheres and make the change and fulfill the needs of both energies if you are to better things for you.
The three planets and a luminary in Capricorn are encouraging and supporting you to socialize and empower yourself through organizations, acquaintances, friends and kindred groups. You are called to be the serious socialite who is working for a common goal, serving humanity. It’s a strong period that calls for discipline, restraint and responsibility and you are ready to take these on. However, there is much action in the personal, financial department where you are driven to increase your resources. Throw in some sudden financial changes and you have challenges with your social sphere that could see you spend more than you should. You will need to make changes to both spheres and resolve their conflict by being moderate with handling finances especially when it involves social causes, groups, social events and friends.

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