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A lot of issues still bear his stamp
By Matovu Abdallah Twaha January 30, 2017
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‘His Arab thoughts influenced my writings’

Khawla Abdul Rahman Al Mulla, Chairperson
of the Sharjah Consultative Council

My writings and my views about Arab issues bear a strong influence from the Arab thinker, Dr Abdullah Omran. He was an Arab nationalist with strong opinions; an insightful media, cultural and political personality. His stamp will remain engraved on the issues he espoused and shall not subside by his departure. It is good his impact is still realised in Al Khaleej newspaper.

‘He always sought solution for issues at hand’

Ahmad Al Khaatiri, Adviser and Chairman
of RAK Courts, also former judge

I was a new judge in Ras Al Khaimah when Dr Abdullah was the Minister of Justice. Most of what I learnt a lot from him had inclination to the way he linked the country together, working for its development and to have the youth acquire useful knowledge which they should exercise with sincerity and diligence in serving the nation. Dr Abdullah had the country at heart which made him discuss social issues and looking for solutions for them.

‘He took our hearts with him’

Ahmed Al Majayda, Editor at the Ministry
of Human Resources and Emiratisation

“Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam was an honourable man who dedicated his time and effort to deliver the right message and picture with complete transparency of his nation, society and great leadership to the entire world. Dr Abdullah had great wisdom and generosity, we mourn the passing away of such a man who took our hearts with him, and we pray to have others follow his example of leading such an establishment.”

‘Teacher of media in the UAE’

Capt. Salem Bin Touq, Dubai Police

My late father used to read Al Khaleej daily; and as a young man in the early 90s, I was prompted to ask him why. He said Al Khaleej perfectly covered local, Arab and international news. I asked him who was the brain behind it and he said it were the Taryams. Surely, Al Khaleej founders are the teachers of media in the UAE.

‘As a Minister of Justice, he exercised a high degree of discipline, interpersonal relations’

Mohammed Bin Nakhira Al Dhaheri, former Minister
of Justice and currently  UAE’s Ambassador to Egypt and
Permanent Representative to the Arab League

Whenever we talk about Dr Abdullah, we cannot fully accord him the respect he duly deserves. I got to know him when he was a Minister of Justice and I learnt a lot from him, particularly his incredible discipline and interpersonal relations. He was efficient in executing his duties. When he headed the Judicial Service Committee, he let justice prevail among all the parties and could not make a decision before making a diligent study of it.

‘You served your nation, spread knowledge and built institutions’

Salem Al Shamsi, first Chairperson of the Sharjah Consultative Council

Oh Abu Khaled, Allah brought you at a time when the Arabs needed people like you – of great motivation and strong courage – to illuminate their direction. You got educated in Cairo, the Arab cultural and historical capital from where you returned to your country shortly before the Union carrying the letter of light. You have been ashore in its establishment, building and lighting it with knowledge across different spectra. Oh Abu Khaled, you have departed but spent your life serving your nation, spreading knowledge, building schools, universities, establishing media channels and Allah gave you the possibility to stand up to achieve what you were set to do. We pray that your contribution to the country, the Arabs and humanity lasts forever and you live in His mercy.

‘He lived by his word’

Maryam Lootah, Prof. of Political Science at UAE University

Surely, I cannot forget the numerous visits of Dr Abdullah to us in schools and at the university always counselling and encouraging us to keep learning and engaging in different extra-curricular activities. I also remember our university visit to Dar Al Khaleej to familiarise ourselves with its production. We are proud of Al Khaleej for it is still a centre of knowledge and research. He asked me to write for the paper once I was done with my studies, which I did and he closely followed my writings and advised me now and then. He kept his word and exhibited trust – values that will keep defining him. May Allah bestow His mercy on him.

‘He shouldered the responsibility of education’

Dr Aisha Al Sayyaar, Educationist

Dr Abdullah Omran diligently shouldered the responsibility of education in the country. He ensured that education reached every remotest corner of the country. Thanks to Allah and to such visionary men, the country has kept on reaching further heights of its educational sector.  Dr Abdullah’s vision continued in the areas of media as Dar Al Khaleej clearly shows. His progressive message was frequently seen in his articles run in Al Khaleej. Such works could only be recorded by a major figure.

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