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Tanya Khoury: Going in all directions
August 24, 2012
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The lines between romantic comedies, chick flicks, drama or just plain old comedies have become fuzzy in the last couple of years. You have films that want to be serious but end up with extremely unbelievable circumstances and ones that are completely irrational but end up being quite funny.

 I went to see Bachelorette because of the somewhat interesting cast and because I thought that this might be another tame version of Bridesmaids, basically just a story that wouldn’t linger after leaving the movie theatre. Writer/ director Leslye Headland makes her film debut with this title after successfully writing for the show Terriers.

So, as the plot goes, this is a story about a bunch of high school girlfriends who were somewhat of a gang of troublesome teens. They are now in their 30s and still hold on to all that baggage and then some. The banter between the girls starts off promisingly, as the film tries to be fun and lights from the get go, but things veer off in all directions thirty minutes into it.

One of the girls who is not the prettiest or the most glamorous of the bunch is the one to get married first – that is all very cliché but that is not where I start to get annoyed by it all. That part I get, I get the whole taking the obvious storyline and exaggerating it into a ludicrous tale. The problem with the film as it gets into the main story is what happens between all the characters, somehow the humour and seriousness get lost and I no longer felt any interest in laughing or figuring out all the drama.

Each of the girls has a different story to tell and as crass as the dialogue and scenes may be at times it is not in one consistent direction. The film starts off as a regular comedy but turns into a serious R-rated drama and confuses the audience with all the inconsistency. I am now left to deal with all those inner subplots with each and every one of the characters, and the main story about the lead character is all lost somewhere in the cracks. The story in the end does not turn out all bad, there are some laughs that manage to creep up and the acting is good. So there is hope for the film yet, but it is just not the kind that you might want to drive to the cinema for. Cable or a DVD will do the trick.

The one genuine thing I felt the writer was trying to get at was the fragility of all the characters; I really had hoped we could have found out more about how that came about, I’m sure there could have been some good comedy made out of that as well. Kirsten Dunst gets out of her goodie two shoes character and shows us what her character can do and Adam Scott, along with Lizzy Caplan, are two very dysfunctional characters that work very well together onscreen. I enjoyed those rare moments rather than the film as a whole; a predictable tale that goes full circle and ends up with the very obvious conclusion is not what I really wanted to see but did anyways. This romance/drama/comedy and what not of a film gets a 5/10 and lots of cheese flavoured popcorn.
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