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Short Take: Missing link
November 11, 2017
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Missing link

Everyone likes to spend their leisure time doing what they love, there’s no second thoughts on that.

But being a working mom has kept me on my toes.

Doing what you ask?

Just doing everything for everyone, which means taking care of my house, my baby, my husband, my office, guests, entertaining friends, hosting dinners for relatives and the list is endless.

On one quiet evening where I was trying to fix the missing link in my life, I took a pen and paper to write why I felt empty although I have my hands my full.

To pen down my problems is the perfect way to help me solve them.

Anyway, so I picked my pen to write down all that I had done through the week, and then the month and then some briefly important things through the year and voila! I found the problem.

The problem or rather the missing link was me. In all the endless hustle and bustle with dirty laundry to dirty diapers, I had forgotten I have a life myself. I had not stopped to think about what I would like to eat, or how I would like to spend the weekend or even who I’d like to hang out with.

Sometimes, no, actually most times it’s very important to allot time for oneself however busy the schedule is.

The “me time” is priority!

And so the first step to my me time was a quiet walk one evening at the beach just by myself and a hot cup of coffee made to perfection strong, refreshing, blissfully fulfilling and made exactly the way I want it, by me for me!
Niloufar Saleem

Fake news

There’s nothing like originality. Imitating someone else could land one in embarrassment.

Fascinated by the way a film star stylishly fling a cigarette towards his mouth, a close friend of mine tried the trick.

He ended up burning his lips.

Watching an award-winning martial arts trainer break bricks with bare hands, my teenage nephew tried it.

No prize for guesses on what would have happened.

Some even face natural justice while imitating others for the sake of fun.

A college mate mocked the way our lecturer shook his hands funnily up and down during the class. On the same week, he had to tie his right hand with a bandage after a bike accident.

Just like imitating others, faking news too has become a fashion.

Many Bollywood stars have been “killed” by fake news in recent months, only for people to realise later that it’s all just that, fake.

“Is there a way at all to detect and fight fake news,” asked my wife innocently.

Stumped without any concrete answer, I recalled my favourite philosopher Socrates to reply: “All I know is that I know nothing.”
R. Ramesh

Call me not

During my college days I was fascinated by call centre jobs and admired a few of my college-mates who were working at call centres as part-timers.

I also expressed my wish to join call centre to my father but he was very clear in the matter “finish studies first, then take up whatever job you want to take.”

In the long run I realised that though my call-centre friends were getting good money, the job did affect their studies.

Most of them used to work in evening or night shifts and in the day they used to bunk classes to complete their sleep.

I used to ask them as to how they got exhausted when they just had to sit in an air-conditioned office and simply answer phone calls.

They used to tell me that their job required a lot of patience and they were not supposed to miss any call or talk rudely to the caller.

Recently, I realised that their job indeed was tough, in a rather funny way. A couple of days ago our office phone operator left early for some work and requested me to handle his job until he returned.

I took it easy and said “no worries, it is not a big deal, you go I will manage.”

Little did I realise that the job wasn’t as simple as I presumed it to be. And within 15 minutes I was bombarded with calls one after the other.

Initially I enjoyed it but when I saw that I couldn’t concentrate on my job, I started giving vague answers to the callers.

So to avoid transferring the calls, I told the callers that the person they wanted to talk to was not in his seat.

But as fate would have it, a person sitting right behind me called and asked me to transfer the call to a person sitting just in front of me.

Without bothering to know as to who called, I simply said: “Sorry, that person is not in his seat, call later.”

Pat came the reply, “My dear, I’m sitting right behind you and can see the person whom I want to talk to sitting on his chair.”

I turned back just see that person standing behind me. We both had a hearty laugh over what has transpired.
Faisal Siddiqui

Stay in shape

It is very depressing if your favourite dress does not fit well when you have to go out to attend parties or any other event because of lack of fitness activities.

If you love your dresses, it’s better to join a gym or engage in any outdoor physical activities to keep your body in good shape.

It happened with my friend and he was throwing away all dresses. I asked him why and he replied, “Because my dress is not fitting. I am gaining too much weight and my belly fat remains.”

I suggested to him not to throw away dresses and instead hit the gym, opt for healthy diet and to stay in good shape.

Fortunately, he listened to my advice and started going to the gym. After some months of hard work, he was able to achieve his goals, and was happy to reuse his old dresses.

Maintaining a good body slim and fit is very important as the dress also looks perfect when you wear it.

Forget throwing out dresses, start fitness routine and stay in good shape.

A healthy body helps keep a healthy and confident mind too.
Adnan Mehmood

First trip to UAE

I am in Dubai on a visit. The reason I moved in here is because my husband is working in Dubai. I never thought that one day I would be visiting the most happening city.

This was actually on my wish bucket list. And Allah has made it true. I loved the airport and the people around me. Being in a Muslim country is completely different than living in other foreign countries. I was so happy that day when I met my husband after three long months when he had come to pick me up at the airport.

It was on a Friday. I started exploring from day 1. I went to watch my favourite actor’s movie Mersal along with my husband. The mall was huge and I even told my husband it’s so amazing to which he replied, “You definitely need to visit Dubai mall.”

I have heard a lot about Dubai mall, the biggest in the world.

I have been meeting my cousins here and having good time as well.

Every individual loves the desert safari experience. I have never been there yet, because I’m just waiting for my job to get finalised.

Once it’s done, my first trip would be there and that’s for sure.

I totally love the super exotic cars here.

I love exploring more things and go on adventurous trips with family and friends.
Amrin Sheriff

Two minutes

The term “two minutes” became popular probably because of a certain advertisement of a product that you could cook in two minutes. Two minutes, like the snap of your fingers, and your hunger was gone.

But in reality, what a lot can happen in two minutes!

In two minutes you could miss your bus or train, with subsequent results. You could be recorded late at your workplace. You could be just there close by, but not close enough to take hold of a person who is falling. You could feel the ball slipping through your fingers in a cricket match. Or you could get that cosy two minute extra sleep in the morning.

Like it happened to me the other day.

What with the cold gradually creeping in, mornings are not exactly not the best of times to wake up. Especially if you’ve been stuck with your laptop till close to midnight. Yet wake up I did, and with great reluctance, tossed my blanket aside and sat on the edge of the bed, not quite ready to greet the day.

Opening my eyes feebly to check on the time, I saw that I had woken up five minutes earlier than my usual. 6:25am. Meaning I had lost out on a good five minutes of my precious sleep.

The blanket was tempting. Two minutes, just a wee two minutes under the blanket surely wouldn’t make a difference. Hadn’t I, after all, woken up five minutes earlier?

I slid back under the blanket. Two minutes later I woke up. Or so I thought till I looked at the clock.

Yikeeees! The clock showed 9:15! Office started at 9:30.

Fifteen minutes later, I was at my laptop. Thank goodness for the occasional work-from-home option.
Vidya Shankar

Two generations

Either in school, workplace or home, naughty people are always around irrespective of which gender they belong to.

At home, children and elders have a similar nature. They often behave immaturely and don’t listen to anyone, complain that they are not being given the freedom to move around and “restricted” in their eating habit too.

When we live in a joint family, the behavioral approaches are mostly overlooked. As I speak to my mom every day, she always reminisced those past days when there were many close family members staying together and took care of each other.

Elders become adamant when they are not being looked after properly, as they feel that true affection is missing in their last segment of life. They like to see their grandchildren more around as they both behave in almost similar way.

Our grandmother is healthy, even after she crossed her 90s. She keeps herself neat and tidy and insists on having her meals on time. She often narrates the way she spent her time in childhood.

The “naughty” boys and girls of the two generations always bring cheer at home.
Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Shah Rukh fan

Last week, it was my favourite actor Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday.

I still clearly remember my childhood days when my mother used to ask me, “Mood off hai kya? Shah Rukh ki movie dekhega?” (Do you want to watch a Shah Rukh movie?)

She knew that her words would make me feel good. Those were the times when watching movies in theatres were a rare occasion because in Pakistan we had very few cinema halls.

I am diehard fan of his movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and I could not even remember how many times I watched this movie on television. I always wished to watch that film in a cinema hall.

Unfortunately, it remained impossible to watch that film in a theatre even though it was the longest running movie of Indian cinema.

That was until February 13 when the movie was re-released in Dubai on the Valentine’s Day as the show was celebrating its 1,000 weeks of success that year.

By luck I was here on visit and so I went to watch.

The cinema theatre was full and even people who did not understand the language were there to see their favourite superstar’s best work.

For me, a long unfulfilled wish came true.
Zakir Jawed

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