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Tanya Khoury: Epic feat
August 10, 2012
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Christopher Nolan is back to finalise the Dark Knight series. The last we saw of Batman was in 2008 and it was good, I mean one really can’t go wrong with Christian Bale so for that we are grateful. The story behind this film takes place eight years after Batman has been absent and the city is taken by a new criminal. There is an impressive list of actors who join the cast in this installation along with the Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon – Levitt and Marion Cotillard also star.

The music, the grandeur and the cinematography stay consistent with the Nolan way; it is very impressive to capture all that on the big screen, which he continues to do flawlessly. The plot takes us into Bruce Wayne’s tortured soul and the helplessness he feels to protect his city. There are a lot of angles and subplots that take the film into quite a few directions, too many I thought. Perhaps it was a way to capture all the emotions from the different actors’ perspective in a way to ‘help’ or ‘harm’ the city. I just found that after all those story lines the film could go on forever! Two hours forty five minutes later I was about ready to bid farewell to this whole trilogy.

I didn’t think it was a bad story. On the contrary I love Gotham City and all that comic books have given directors to play with, but at times the story didn’t latch on as well as I might have liked. Cat woman and her role, Batman and his tortured soul, the birth of ‘Robin’ the commissioner and his conscience – the list goes on, albeit the fact that the acting was exceptional on all fronts and I was immensely entertained by it all, fitting all those in just made it a little bumpy of a ride.

Let us go back to the purpose of the film though. Nolan is and wants to capture how Batman rises after all that has been gone and dusted, Bale is the man for the job. This is a summer hit for all those who have been waiting impatiently to see what gadgets Alfred and Fox have in store. The story symbolises a lot of what is happening in the world today and takes us back to the roots of good versus evil, whether people change and how surroundings shape the way a community behaves and interacts. He could not, however, get away from those cheesy one-liners, I doubt you can find a blockbuster hit without any of those and as I cringe whenever I hear them, I understand that they are indeed part of how this genre plays out and they are not going anywhere…

The most entertaining part of the film for me was the build up to the ‘rise’ and the story of the villains. I won’t spoil the film by discussing the exact plot but as a package with the incredible Hans Zimmer soundtrack and the equally brilliant editing it just is a feast for the eyes. The trilogy is now complete, still not the best installation in terms of writing and sequence but surely an achievement for Christopher Nolan and his loyal audiences.  This is definitely a film to enjoy in IMAX or the biggest screens possible, don’t wait for it to get out of the theatre; it will just lose its oomph. Nolan and company get a 7/10 from me.
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