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Aquarius Articulates
Your friendly astrologer Mel February 07, 2019
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The Sun continues to extol the virtues of Aquarius during this week and is supported by Jupiter, Mars, Uranus. It heralds change and innovation; humanitarianism and friendship; equality and being different. Meanwhile, there is a shift in communication and commutation as Mercury moves into Pisces and will be in direct mode until March 5th. Communication and commutation will be colored with imagination and on the flip side, deception. You will experience compassion and understanding or just the opposite. The waters of these spheres are deeper than what appears on the surface. However, there are challenges from expansion and overseas for such communication as truth is sought. Let’s find out how to balance this detachment and emotion at the same time.

TIP OF THE WEEKMercury in Pisces calls for being compassionate with your words and in your thoughts; to be accepting and to be understanding. It also advises you to be careful of communication that can be deceptive, confusing or even delusional. There is more to what is being said. Feel the emotional content.
On the road to becoming a compassionate listener and communicator!

 March 21
April 20
Continue to socialize with your kindred groups for your social causes and goals. Meet those organizations, those acquaintances and even friends who can help you and who can visualize your dream. You make a great humanitarian friend and in groups, you are naturally popular because you are creative, take initiative, are daring to make changes and love to be different. So, this is your period to socialize. Mercury in the new energy advises you to stay low especially in communication and commutation. It’s time to keep things private.
 April 21
May 20
Even as challenges show up in your professional sphere seeking change in your identity (be wary of your reputation during this period), the new energy that influences communication and commutation soothes and comforts you. This is done via your social groups, friends and even acquaintances. It’s time to get your ideas across to those interested in a better future or in the same causes that extol your compassion and understanding. You are emotionally connected to this social circle that have your vision at heart. Exchange ideas; take trips; meet.
 May 21
June 20
The Sun continues to shine on your overseas ventures; your pursuit of higher knowledge or education; and your sudden need to expand and be different. The distant shores hold promise in promoting your identity. But the new energy does heckle you in profession via communication and commutation matters. You will need to make changes to way in which you express yourself professionally and publicly. Be aware that communication and commutation matters related to profession may be elusive and deception could be the name of the game. It is best to be compassionate and understanding when you are to give and receive messages.
 June 21
July 20
The new energy that influences communication and commutation matters encourages and promotes you for all matters related to overseas, higher education, foreign media and even with your in-laws. This is the time to spread your ideas far and wide. Travel to distant shores hold promises that stir you emotionally. So, make the most of this period even as you continue to work on your joint, financial ventures with your partner. This season is about making innovative changes to the financial partnership or the garnering of other resources as it is about travelling far and wide or interacting with those on distant shores.
 July 21
Aug. 20
It continues to be a week where your relationship takes priority over everything. There is change in the offing and you and your partner seek something different. If you are still on your ego trip, this could spell the end of your relationship as you two may part ways or it could the beginning of a brand, new, unique relationship. It is up to you to balance and learn to see the other as your equal, not someone to be dictated to and molded. Meanwhile, a new energy brings on the emotional content in your communication matters related to your joint financial ventures. It could be elusive and even deceptive, or it could be very imaginative, even unrealistic. It could also be that the two of you seek to join resources for a compassionate cause. You need to look deeper to understand what is being said and be non-judgmental and accepting.
 Aug 21
The new energy this week is about communication and commutation matters that involve you and your significant other. It highlights the need to find emotional balance in the relationship through discussions. You need to tone down your criticism or things could turn deceptive; your partner could turn elusive and matters could seem confusing causing you to be very snappy indeed! Please try to be open, accepting and non-judgmental in your discussions with your significant other. The Sun continues to shine its changes on matters related to your work, health, routines, your animal family and your colleagues, signaling a change in your work identity and promotion; recognition.
It’s still a sunshine period this week for matters related to romance, children, creative ventures and recreational pursuits. Take that much-needed break to rejuvenate. Love is sudden, exciting and dares you to be different. Accept the dare. Change. A new energy begins this week for communication and commutation matters related to your work, health, daily routines, animal family, and with colleagues. It advises you to be compassionate and accepting of the situations that you incur through your exchanges with others in your area of work, your health care advisors, your animal family and with your colleagues. Be non-judgmental or prepare for secrets, deception and disappearance. Better the former!
You continue to face challenges related to home and family life that disrupts your own personal life, your relationship and even your profession. You need to make changes and do things differently if you are to see success for the future that involves your home and family. So be logical, detached and be a humanitarian in your outlook. To brighten things up, Mercury moves into a new energy that favors you in communication and commutation matters that involve your special other, children, recreation and creative pursuits. Talk things over with those who are close to your heart. They listen, encourage, accept and understand you. Take up a creative hobby or share or let your imagination run wild. It will take you places.
The new energy this week that deals with communication and commutation matters brings up such challenges for home and family. It advises you to be compassionate when interacting with your family members. Travel is on the charts when it is about home and family. You are forced to keep communication private, secretive and sensitive with members of your family. This interaction phase may involve deception, elusiveness or confusion if you are being harsh with your truth. This is the time to be understanding and accepting of those family members who are reclusive and secretive. Continue to circulate in your current environment, for different and unique opportunities show up to light your way.
The spotlight continues to be on your personal finances this week advising you to make changes that are different from those you have made before. This is a good period to get financial advice. You are likely to seek or apply new methods to increase your finances and all other resources. Even better this week, is the new energy for communication and commutation that nudges you to circulate with those in your current environment. You are likely to get good news from siblings. Travel brings better opportunities for you so reach out to others. Exchange thoughts and ideas.
The spotlight and focus continue to be on self this week. Go ahead with promoting yourself to the world. You have friends and those in your current environment encouraging and supporting you. Your presence is larger than life, so, live it up! A new energy this week gently guides you to discuss your personal finances, resources, possessions and values. Do you have a vision for your material security? Then, this is the time to talk to those financial advisors who understand your vision. Private, secret meetings are often the norm of this energy along with a vivid imagination that colors the communication. Just be wary that these discussions are not coated with deception or delusion.
Even as you continue to rest and retreat from the outer world, rebuilding your inner energy and making quiet changes, a new planetary placement in your own sign, begins this week encouraging you to converse with others about matters related to self or to travel for personal purposes. It would be best to discuss via text messages, emails or the phone. It is just not the right time for a face-to-face interaction. You like speaking from behind the curtain, it gives you comfort and protects you from prying, rigid minds. So, share your personal ideas and views but do from the confines of your solitary retreat.

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