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Capricorn coverage
Your friendly astrologer Mel January 11, 2018
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It is a very peak period for Capricorn this week, with the Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and yes, the New Moon all grouped together on this zodiac’s terrain.  For those signs that cheer on Capricorn values and beliefs get added support and for those signs that baulk at the hard lessons Capricorn gives via convention, tradition, culture, restraint, restrictions and discipline get detention.  While all of these topics appear dour and boring, the invaluable lessons gained from these experiences are what toughens the spirit and reinforces strength. The best route is to get your gear on with the empowering Capricorn. Get ready to begin anew.

The New Moon in Capricorn advises new beginnings that involve disciplining the emotions and being focused on work hard and position than on the personal matters while Mercury in Capricorn advises being careful, patient, constructive and wise in all manner of communication. Continue to have an empowering week!

 March 21
April 20
The Capricorn group in the sphere of profession is a peak season for Aries.  Here, you are in the spotlight with peers and authorities challenging you as the world watches on.  So be wary of your reputation.  The best way to handle this strong energy is to seek solutions, listen carefully to authorities, show respect, be disciplined and above all be patient.  The rewards are immense if you seek to glorify yourself publicly sooner or later but first you must pass these tests or take a long rest from the ladder of success.  It could be the beginning of the end of your current career and the start of a brand new one.  Whatever the New Moon brings, it is time for change in the outer world.  Others are going to view you differently and things won’t be the same – it is not an ominous statement, not if you choose it to be.
 April 21
May 20
The New Moon in Capricorn along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto are a powerful and favourable combination for Taurus when it is connected to overseas, higher education, in-laws and foreign media.  This period is at its peak and boosts Taurus in a very beneficial way.  You are promoted overseas and your horizons expand.  It means it is time to travel and seek new shores.  Begin a new adventure; pursue higher education; find love and finances; get authorities to pat your back and support as well as promote you and empower your expansion.  All of this only if you take that first step! So move, now. 
 May 21
June 20
The New Moon in Capricorn along with other planets packed together in the sphere of joint financial ventures is the peak week for planning and implementing these ventures.  It is about restructuring, restraining, and disciplining all resources. This is a brand new period to work out matters with a financial partner and it could be the end of an old union or the beginning of a brand new one. This New Moon along with the other planets is about restructuring joint finances and resources about strengthening the bond between partner and self.  It can be very difficult and there will be financial limitations but grin and work at it.
 June 21
July 20
The New Moon in Capricorn is the start of a brand new relationship phase that could be the end of an old relationship and the beginning of a new one.  Of course, it is a very emotionally opposing period and a rather challenging one but this is always the case when it is about change.  It is about restructuring and disciplining the self to take stock of the emotions and not allow them to rule you into distress and disaster.  This is about being co-operative with the partner.  Legal matters are part and parcel of this relationship for better or worse.  It is the time Cancer settles down once again to what has the potential to become a long-lasting and empowering relationship. Advice: Please watch your words.
 July 21
Aug. 20
The New Moon in Capricorn calls for new beginnings in matters of health, work, colleagues, animal companions, and in one’s routines.  This period is packed with Capricorn power that enforces restrictions and imposes discipline.  It is a period to tap into the latent Capricorn energy in your own system that brings out the cool, calm and wise authority that takes over and restores health as well as gets your act together for work and service especially to the vulnerable such as vulnerable animals.  It is time for a promotion and financial raise if you hold a job or time for new steadfast and capable employees as well as a new working environment.  Get the Capricorn energy to work for you.  Mercury in Capricorn advises being calm and wise in communication.
 Aug 21
The New Moon in Capricorn and other planets call for new beginnings of a very favourable kind for matters related to romance, creative ventures, recreational activities and children. This is a great period to take a break and unwind.  Your innate nature is to stay disciplined and dedicated and this period works favourably to endorse all this and more for these areas of your life.  Love is in the air and it may turn out to be a long-lasting and dependable one.  Finances may start to perk up and you are given the power to be the playful yet careful you.  Go ahead you worked hard so now reap your rewards.
It is the peak period to work on your challenges in connection to home and family matters.  The period stresses the need to be careful, in charge of decisions that may need to be enforced despite the antagonism as well as the discipline and restriction for the home and family.  It is about taking charge and being the authority.  It is a new beginning for home and family life and while it may not be rosy do remember that there is always the calm after the storm and this Capricorn energy is working to bring about that result for you, for your home and for your family.  Mercury’s Capricorn ensures strong, stern and practical communication. Proceed carefully and be wise.
When there is a New Moon in Capricorn, backed by other planets and a luminary, it becomes the peak period of support, communication and commutation with and from those around.  It becomes the hull of education and the need to interact with peers and authorities that promotes ideas and messages.  There are several opportunities this week that prove to be beneficial in the long run.  The heart and mind are in perfect co-ordination for the best results.  Mercury’s move into Capricorn also ensures sensible and practical communication that is censored and governed by authorities for the good of all concerned.
The New Moon and the other planets, now Mercury included, along with the Sun work hard for new financial beginnings that bring about prosperity for Sagittarius.  This is the peak period to look into personal financial matters that are likely to need restructuring, restraint and discipline as well as focus.  Be practical and conservative with your finances and watch it grow as you tend to it carefully and wisely with patience and great effort.  It may spoil the fun with children, recreation and romance but it does so for your own benefit.
The New Moon along with planets such as Venus, Saturn, Pluto and now Mercury, including the Sun in your own sign presents a very powerful period for you.  It is your peak period to rise and shine, promote and deliver, wake and make. The shadows of Sagittarius have passed over and your sky is burgeoning with fresh, new opportunities, a brand new makeover and new position with power.  No doubt, you will work hard for the rewards but as you are already hard-working, this is a bonus and will be well received by you.  Empower yourself and watch out for excess that has the opposite effect of destruction.  You are at your peak.  Handle it wisely and well. Begin anew.
The New Moon in Capricorn brings new beginnings that advise a lot of rest and retreat from the outer world.  This is a powerful period to empower the self in private.  No doubt, there will be many things happening in secret but it is up to you to decide if the secret is to be dissolved or to be worked on to be revealed much later.  Whatever is the decision, be patient, work hard and be careful.  It is important to be prudent and live within the rules of the confinement and to be accepting of retreat.  Rebellion will not be tolerated.  Mercury in Capricorn is best lived through reading or pursuing spiritual interests.  Quiet the mind and empower the soul.
The New Moon in Capricorn calls for new beginnings of an empowering kind that is related to social causes, groups and goals.  It involves restrictions, restraint, discipline, focus, hard work, sacrifices and authority figures.  It is a strong period for selfless and humanitarian purposes but personal gain is not on the agenda.  This is a strong period to interact socially with those influential people who could help promote your goals.  Interact, communicate and commute for best outcomes.  Overseas matters continue to peak and push for expansion but as with every good thing, watch out for excess. 

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