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Shaadaab S. Bakht: Rahul must answer the crisis
January 11, 2019
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The rage took off in the angry eyes of the man, flew through his face in scary doses, to land on his lips. A torrent of embarrassing expletives followed and he was about to punch his target, when the latter said, “I was about to run away with your bag because I needed money. I don’t have a job. I was desperate. You want to call the police? Please go ahead. I must be punished. Agreed, every poor and needy person isn’t a thief, but I don’t have that kind of balance. I ran out of patience.” Anyways, the guy was spared and the situation was brought under control, thanks to the intervention by some considerate passersby and sympathetic bystanders. That was a scene from my unpublished album of experiences. This one was from Delhi, where I lived, worked and I still love going.

They had no one to remind them that there was a belief among the agnostics that morality was the child of happy parents
The trigger for this discussion was one of the articles I read recently about poverty leading to crimes. The piece explained how empty bank accounts drove people to adopt the very means of livelihood they used to hate. Probably they hadn’t bothered to find out that what they thought was hateful was in reality a prayer for redemption. What they thought was immoral was an answer to deserted dishes and abandoned ovens. They had no one to remind them that there was a belief among the agnostics that morality was the child of happy parents. And it is a belief that is capable of felling believers too.  

The above article, like thousands earlier, explained the man-made malaise, but what we need is an answer.

And the answer certainly lies with us. We should always make it a point to support people, through votes or otherwise, who employ their authorities to “begin at the beginning” and which is food and water for all. Talking to people about bullet trains by some Indian leaders didn’t make much sense when a large number of them were battling thirst and hunger and a few were driven to suicide in full public view.

The agony got deeper for observers when some ran away with millions of embezzled dollars. And they, unlike the above bag-thief, couldn’t be caught. Sardines can be canned, not sharks.   

Well, we mustn’t lose hope. At least one elected Indian leader thought the suicides were horrible and definitely preventable. And he is Rahul Gandhi, youthful in looks, but sagacious in vision.

There are others — Pakistan’s Imran Khan and Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador — who are trying to arrest poverty and not its victims.
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