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His ways were humane
By Shaadaab S. Bakht January 30, 2017
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The path on which Dr Abdullah walked was built pebble by pebble and not one of them was out of place. And when we are on such a path we have nothing to lose but fears of failure. Pathways, laid by men of steel, have principles as their unshakeable granite base. And on them nothing totters and no storms stop and no dreams sour.

When he thundered we shook. But behind the thunderclap was a deep sense of understanding, a deep sense of consideration, a deep sense of forgiveness and very, very important, a deep sense of humanity.

Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam was humane. It was evident in everything he did. Anyone who worked with him or knew him will vouch for that. His feel for the common man often forms a part of regular Emirati conversations.

When it came to the human side of issues he never ever differentiated between people regardless of their status. I know that for sure and it is a bale out of which, it seems, was woven the family fabric. The most ordinary of employees of Dar Al Khaleej got a hearing when in crisis.

One of his favourite observations was that every staff member was crucial to the establishment’s health. He or she was an important part of the flourishing jigsaw, Dr Abdullah used to, directly or indirectly, underline that through his ways.

He was born into culture, which he thought was the bedrock of all progressive societies. On expected lines he put education on top of his list of priorities. He went on to become the Education Minister and Justice Minister in the UAE cabinet.

He played a pivotal role in getting the Emirati women educated. It is believed by many that he took personal interest in ensuring that the benefits of modern education reached the girls. Dr Abdullah, an advocate of libertarian values, believed that everything started at home for which the mother had to be groomed in the tenets of sound living.

He may not be in his seat but he shall continue to play the architect behind all our plans.

May his soul rest in peace.


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