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Insolvent labourer resorts to robbery
BY HAMZA M. SENGENDO February 10, 2018
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DUBAI: A labourer who resorted to robbery after losing his salary to a chain of traffic fines has been immured for three months to be followed by deportation.

The Asian man, 29, landed into financial constraints after the management of a company where he was working decided to spend the whole of his salary on paying for traffic violations he committed.

He conducted a series of robberies before he was nabbed and jailed in Ras Al Khaimah for breaking into a house and decamping with a TV set. His fingerprint was then detected on a burgled Chevrolet.

An Egyptian man had parked the Chevrolet car behind a hotel around 3am on Jul.22.2016. The labourer and two fugitive accomplices hurled a rock at the car’s window, causing damage worth Dhs9, 900. From the car, they snatched a ladies handbag, a Dhs500 iPod, a Dhs60 charger, a purse, personal photos, Dhs700, Euro50, a credit card, two National IDs, a health insurance card and two driving licences.

They also stole a Nol card of Dhs100 credit, workplace cards, home keys and valuable Italian residency and health cards. The valuables belonged to an Italian woman. The Criminal Court convicted the labourer.

Police learnt that a gang broke into a car in the rear parking lot of a deluxe hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, smashed its windshield and snatched valuables, explained a Yemeni police corporal.

Both the Egyptian man and Italian woman told investigators they spotted three men marauding in the parking lots.

And that when the car’s alarm went on, they spotted them fleeing.

Police issued circulars. Forensic examiners detected the labourer’s fingerprint on the smashed windshield. They learnt he had been locked up for stealing a TV in Ras Al Khaimah. Investigations revealed he was behind a series of robberies using the same modus operandi. The corporal said, “I questioned him and he told me his employer’s company deprived him of all his salary.”

“He added that the company decided to spend the salary on solving his traffic fines. He resorted to robbery to meet his financial needs. He was sharing robbery proceeds with two fugitive cohorts.”

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