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Rare liver surgery performed on woman, 40
By Lina Abdel Rahman June 11, 2017
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Sharjah: A rare tumour on the right lobe of the liver of a 40-year-old woman has been successfully removed, said Dr Abdul Hamid Sinan, Al- Sharq Hospital general manager, head of the Department of General Surgery and Endoscopy, General Surgery and Liver and Oncology Surgery consultant.

Dr Sinan said that the surgery, which involved the use of the best modern technologies, lasted six hours. The tumour, measuring 9cm, was removed without injuring any nearby tissues. The surgery ended the two-year suffering of the patient.

“The liver is a vital digestive gland in the human body. Currently, there is no way to compensate for the absence of the liver in the long term because of its strategic location and multidimensional functions. As a result of the changing lifestyle, it is necessary to keep pace with these changes to find therapeutics and advanced technologies capable of addressing especially diseases that require liver surgery such as tumours, cirrhosis of the liver and obstruction of bile and other digestive diseases, which have become very common unfortunately recently,” said Dr Sinan.

In the United Arab Emirates, the Ministry of Health has endeavoured to raise the standard of medical care in general and complex surgical techniques in particular. This is evidenced by the increasing number of government and private hospitals and advanced medical centres specialised in liver and digestive diseases.

“Another surgery was performed involving the gallbladder of an eight-month pregnant woman, who was expecting twins, and the surgeons were able to secure the life of the foetuses. The surgery was successful by the will of God and the efforts of the hospital’s outstanding medical staff as well as the extensive cooperation between the departments of surgery, gynaecology, and anaesthesia. The use of the laparoscopy expedited the operation and reduced the associated pain,” he said.

According to Dr Sinan, “The liver is a regenerative organ that can restore its growth within a few months and that the hospitals in the region (both government and private) described the process as a high risk due to the old age of the patient and her chronic diseases. Therefore, this patient was one of the most critical cases handled by the department.’

The surgery was defined as one of the most challenging, but precise, liver surgeries to date.

Dr Sinan has a record of successfully performing critical surgeries, a feat that has proved his expertise. Among his notable achievements is the saving of the life of an 80-year-old patient, who was suffering from three large tumours of 11-cm diameter on the liver.

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