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Shaadaab S. Bakht: No one discusses love
November 17, 2017
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In not many places love is discussed. It is human ill will and the ever-increasing walls of hatred that have become the focus of most meetings. Technology is generating more interaction, but politics is playing the unfailing villain.

I feel we should have raised our world on water. There wouldn’t have been walls of dislike. There wouldn’t have been electric fences. And more cruel things wouldn’t have been done in the name of national interests.

We would have been like the members of the marine world. They are freer than us because they never think of working on lines of control, they don’t believe in dividing their world in the name of sovereignty and then kill each other to uphold that sovereignty. They aren’t into environmental agendas because they don’t pollute in the name of progress. They talk of no communal harmony because they don’t judge each other by faith and colour. They sign no agreements because they don’t break promises.

Well, the painful walls. Their proliferation is scary. Their presence from Europe to Mideast to Asia is making humanity bleed on a daily basis. In Europe, it is Westerners versus religious deviants; in the Mideast, it is the oppressive Israel versus the Arabs; in the Asian countries it is between moderates versus hardliners and, of course, between two sets of faithful.

I feel we should have raised our world on water. There wouldn’t have been walls of dislike
The most horrible comes at the end. And that is colour. The prejudice triggered by the tone of the skin of a particular human aggregate has now become permanent.

When Obama became the president we had thought that America would change its colour. It didn’t. Well-settled, perennial and inexplicable White dislike for the blacks didn’t permit that. It is widely believed that an American teenager was shot dead during Obama’s days because the White officer assumed he was guilty. He wasn’t guilty. His skin was. Obama and the sensible were very upset with the horrible incident. Several White excesses took place during the gentleman president’s tenure. Some sponsors of the crimes were put behind bars. But what the authorities couldn’t put behind bars was hatred because prison walls can never be higher than hatred.

Coming back to discussions. I was in India and nearly all my time was used up talking about the biased Trump and communal problems. Everyday I woke up to news of communal oppression. The mood among its citizens is one of disgust. Every time I met my Muslim friends, all of them well educated and well placed, they told me that they were terribly insecure.

The general mood was too hostile towards them, they claimed. They supported that with revealing anecdotes. Most of them were about the way they were frisked at airports and the lack of job opportunities.

When I met my non-Muslim friends, most of them advocates of liberty, they argued that the minority community’s fears were exaggerated. They blamed the media, especially the TV, for fuelling the fear among the Muslims. They argued, and convincingly at that, the Muslims would have to do much more to stop their fellow believers from getting involved in acts of violence. Otherwise, they said, the innocents would have to pay the price for the militants’ excesses. Well, none of my friends was ready to change the topic because he was busy adding bricks to the wall of ill will.
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