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The Gulf Today staff fondly remember Dr Abdullah
February 02, 2014
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SHARJAH: Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam was not just a great thinker and an administrator, he was also humane. His humanity cut across class lines. Staff at The Gulf Today express their feelings about his iconic leadership.

As I punched my card and entered the office premises on Thursday I felt something depressing. It seemed as if a pall of gloom had descended around. The face of everybody looked blank. Everybody was shocked. Everybody had this feeling that they are now without a guardian.
Muntazir Imam

The sudden demise of Dr Abdullah Taryam was not a loss for just the Taryam family, but for all the UAE journalists’ community as well, especially for the employees of Al Khaleej and The Gulf Today. He was the man, who not only supported more than 3,000 workers, but also their families. Although he is no more among us, he will live in our minds and hearts forever. We lost not an employer, but a kind father. His name will be always remembered for striving for free journalism in the UAE. I can’t do anything for him, but will remember him in my special prayers. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace and grant patience to his family.
Mujahid Shah

Dr Abdullah Taryam, known for his humane  and courageous heart, passed away on Thursday morning. The news which spread like wildfire was the saddest news for all of us in The Gulf Today. For us, he was everything. Though I never met him personally, his profound stories speak volumes for the visionary.
Syed Shayaan Bakht

The Dar Al Khaleej group has lost a great leader and a kind boss under whom the group made unprecedented progress. The late Chairman led the group from all fronts and has left imprints on the media industry that will serve as guiding principles for everyone, both professionally as well as personally. The late Chairman always remained closely connected with his employees, helping them grow professionally and contribute to the progress of the group to the best of their abilities. The well-being of The Gulf Today team remained his top priority throughout his tenure as the group chairman. Working under the able leadership of Dr Abdullah will always remain the most valuable part of my learning process.
Waseem Akhtar

The moment I got the news of his sudden death I was shocked, unmoved. I could not believe. He was the leader, who ever led from the front, he was a great thinker, a professional journalist,  who set the trends in print media in the UAE. He was a great and humble boss. I have never heard even a single bad word about him. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.
Tanvir Usman

The sudden death of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam is a big loss for the UAE media fraternity and the vacuum created by his departure is irreplaceable. Dr Abdullah with his elder brother brought a revolution in the Arab media with the launch of  Dar Al Khaleej  and transformed the newspaper as a trendsetter for the rest of GCC’s media industry. He has left us but his legacy of services will remain for ever.
Sajjad Ahmed

When I entered the premises of The Gulf Today newspaper on Thursday, my pale-faced colleague gave me the bad news that we had lost our beloved Chairman, Dr Abdullah Taryam. The moment I got the news of his sudden death I was shocked. He was such a nice person and very kind to all his employees. He was a man of his word. We will not forget him and will remember him as our beloved chairman of Dar Al Khaleej. We express our sorrow on the demise of our chairman.We pray to Almighty Allah to rest his soul in eternal peace and grant solace to the bereaved The Gulf Today Editor-In-Chief Ms Aysha Taryam and family.
Agha Riaz
The sudden demise of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam has left the entire journalist community in a state of shock. The void left by his untimely departure is something, which will never be filled. May Allah Almighty grant him highest place in heaven and provide strength to his immediate family members, including his sons Khalid Abdullah Taryam and Omran Abdullah Taryam, daughters Aysha Taryam and Amira Taryam, to bear this great loss (Ameen).
Faisal Siddiqui
The death of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam on Thursday sent shock waves through the UAE and the entire journalistic world. Being a member of the Dar Al Khaleej team, I personally feel we have lost a great leader, entrepreneur and a visionary. May God bless his soul and give strength to his children Mr Khalid Abdullah Taryam, Mr Omran Abdullah Taryam, Ms  Aysha Taryam and Ms Amira Taryam to overcome the great loss they have suffered.
George Paul Mathew
Words may not console the hearts of the bereaved family including the daughter, Aysha Taryam, the Editor-in-Chief of The Gulf Today newspaper, the son, Khalid Abdullah Omran Taryam, Director General and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Dar Al Khaleej for Press, Printing and Publishing, who not only lost a loving father but a path-showing personality. The entire Dar Al Khaleej indeed wore the saddest look on the sudden departure of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam. May Almighty Allah bestow His mercy and eternal peace on him and inspire his family with patience and solace.
Zafar Iqbal
I’d never had the good fortune of meeting my employer but his very being somewhere, some place on the company’s premises – day after day as I now know, after his sad demise, has been the reason for the colossus that reigns supreme on the Arab print media firmament called Al Khaleej. The No.1 Arabic newspaper in the Middle East, its English sister daily newspaper, The Gulf Today, not forgetting the other publications that have lent colour and added meaning to thousands of people’s lives over the years, owe their genesis to this visionary pioneer. Truly, Dr  Abdullah Omran Taryam is leaving behind an imposing legacy. For many employees like me and hundreds of others, many of whom have passed through the sacred portals of this establishment that has nurtured many an aspiring journalist and given wings to several others, not many may have known him personally. But then our very sustenance was guaranteed as a result of painstaking effort fuelled by the innovative spirit of the man who founded this great organisation that we all are proud to represent. May God bless his soul.
Melchiades A. Dias
Saddened to know about the demise of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam. It was my day off. The next day when I reached office on Friday, only by looking at The Gulf Today I came to know that our owner had left this mortal world. He was a very nice person, who impressed a large number of people not only by his personality but also by his sheer professionalism and skills in the field of journalism. He will be remembered by all of us. RIP Sir.
Shahper Hassan 
The sad and sudden demise of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam has deeply shocked me and all my family members. No doubt, we all are born to die, but his early departure will be remembered in our hearts for ever. He devoted his whole life for the uplift of mankind. He treated us like a father. His milestone, the establishment of Dar Al Khaleej for Press, Printing and Publishing along with his late brother is not only imparting the valuable news and information across the globe but is also the main bread-earning source for thousands of employees working there. May Allah rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant the courage to the Taryam family to bear this irreparable loss.
I still can’t believe that Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam is not among us. The sudden death of the ‘father of journalism’ has shocked not only the Taryam family but the staff of Dar Al Khaleej and The Gulf Today. I have never seen such a huge funeral ceremony in my life as I witnessed that of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam at King Faisal Mosque. Not only the UAE Rulers, nationals but a large number of expatriates also attended the last prayers for the deceased. Everybody was praying for him. He never showed prejudice to his employees and always showed sympathy towards them. May Allah rest his soul in eternal peace. Ameen.
M. Adil
Dr Abdullah Taryam, owner of Dar Al Khaleej, passed away on Thursday morning. I still could not believe it. He was a great thinker, a professional journalist, whoset the trends in print media in the country. May Almighty Allah rest his soul in eternal peace.
Muzaffar Mansoor
We are yet to recover from the shock. We saw innumerable pictures of our late chairman with who’s who of the United Arab Emirates and the world.Even hundreds of volumes of books will not be enough to encompass all the pictures.
M. Shahzad

Two days passed. I am finding many wearing pensive looks. I am finding many, who were close to him, extremely depressed. The office environment has changed drastically. It seems very tough to believe that he is no more and he is not in our midst. He lives in our hearts. And he will be so forever in our hearts.
Adnan Mehmood

The death of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam on Thursday has left entire staff of The Gulf Today in a state of shock. May Allah grant him highest place in the heaven. May Allah give strength to all his near and dear ones the strength to bear this huge loss (Ameen).
Zeeshan Akhtar

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