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Mother, an eternal wellspring of love and care
By SALMA ALALEM March 21, 2017
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SHARJAH: Every year on March 21, children plan special celebrations for Mother’s Day, to honour their mother and show their appreciation for her countless, selfless efforts. Despite all the gifts or sweet words they reserve for their mother, it is still nothing compared to what she has done for them.

Motherhood is reverential, as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Paradise lies under the foot of your mothers.” It is a never-ending chain of responsibilities: carrying a baby for nine months, pain of pregnancy and childbirth, breastfeeding, staying awake for various nights because of her kid’s fever: there are so many such things that cannot be said or counted when it comes to the sacrifices she makes for her children.

When children grow up and start realising the worth of her unceasing generosity and heartening acts, what she has given and done for them, they like to reciprocate in their own special way for her special day, Mother’s Day. Rather than buttonhole children about their plans for their mother, this reporter wanted to zero in on a mother’s feelings on this special day.

Ralda Borhan, 38, and Howida Osman, 32, are mothers of two children, but have different perceptions of Mother’s Day. For instance, Ralda believes in the import of such a day and eagerly waits for such occasions every year. “I like the way my kids are thinking how to make me happy on this day, wanting to offer me something that I need,” she says.

“I will never forget when my son was a little child, maybe 8 years old. I was cooking and I needed some salt, and Mother’s Day was the next day. He got me salt from the market as it was something I needed,” Ralda bursts out, laughing.

Howida, however, feels the day is a damper. “I don’t like this day, and I believe that I’m the one who has to give all the time, as I’m not waiting for my kids to say, ‘Thanks mom for everything’!” She expressed the view that motherhood is really hard, and she feels a lot for her kids, particularly when they are doing school assignments or are sick.

Om Ibrahim, 65, a mother of six daughters and one son, and a grandmother of more than 10 grandchildren, believes that her daughters have been taking more care of her after they became mothers. Motherhood changed their whole perception towards her. “I feel so happy on Mother’s Day because I can see two generations, my daughters and my grandchildren, celebrating this day because of me!”

On this day, we should keep in mind that many people have lost their mothers, and the only thing that they can do on such a day is pray for them. As Prophet Muhammad said, “When a person dies, all his deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge (which he has left behind), or a righteous child who will pray for him.”

Ahmad Jabry, 52, a father to three daughters and two sons, avers, “Although my mother is staying so far away in Palestine and I’m staying here in the UAE and I have become old, still I cry when I hear her voice on the phone. I really miss her every moment.” Ahmad is deeply concerned about her health condition, as she is catatonic, but he is chuffed at the fact that she is still alive at least and he can hear her voice from time to time.

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