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Put your trust in Allah
By Harun Yahya June 12, 2016
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From their childhood, people always want to have someone on whom they can truly trust. They feel the need to insure everything they have, because the lower-self always fears that something wicked will befall them. Until they pass from this world, people can’t help but grapple with this feeling.

They either suspect that their closest friend would backstab them or fear losing their possessions, or getting sick and dying. Nevertheless, as a requisite of the test in this world, the lower self always feels insecure and concerned.

In family life, school life, married life or business life there is an environment of incessant conflict, and a damaging spirit of competition. People want to live at ease, establish friendships and share their sorrows and joys. Yet in order to experience such sincerity, they lack the necessary building blocks; the sense of security is under perpetual assault and people try to protect it by various measures.

These people can in no way relish the pleasures of this life not only because of the insecurity they feel regarding others but also for their lives. Concerns occupy every moment of their lives.

The fact is, the key to peace and bliss is putting one’s trust in Allah. Once a person understands that everything is under Allah’s control, that not even a leaf falls without Allah’s leave, and that Allah has the might to create anything by His order “Be”, he feels a sense of relief in his heart.

It is Allah Who creates all incidents, whether favourable or not, with all their details to test us in this world; whether we can see the goodness in them or not, goodness and auspiciousness is concealed in each seemingly bad thing. Our actual guardian and protector is Allah. It is not an insurance company, a watchdog in the garden or cameras that will protect our house. Allah protects our houses, but He makes those measures instrumental for it. It is not an insurance company or physicians who will heal us when we get sick. Allah will keep us healthy or cure us when we get sick. It is an act of worship and obligatory upon us to take measures, but after taking all the necessary measures, we put our trust in Allah. After all the measures we take, if that adversity still persists, then we forbear, realising that Allah puts us to the test with it. If Allah wills goodness for us in destiny, no one can ever hinder it. If He wills hardship, there is again no one who can prevent it. Whatever Allah wills in destiny, it will assuredly happen despite all the possible measures that could be taken.

Our possessions, lives, health, spouses, kids, everything belongs to Allah. Allah endows us with blessings and He may take them from us as a part of the trial. It is the peace of being aware of these truths and having faith in Allah that renders the soul satisfied, not any temporary measures we take. Indeed, in one verse of the Holy Quran Allah relates thus: “We will test you with a certain amount of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and life and fruits. But give good news to the steadfast.” (Surat Al Baqarah:155)

Consequently, what we should do is to know that everything is under Allah’s control and that we must trust in Him with all our hearts. The sole remedy to insecurity, uneasiness and apprehension in the lower-self is to put one’s trust in Allah.

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