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Dubai Abulhoul: Our Father, Sheikh Zayed
July 28, 2013
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Exclusive to The Gulf Today

Every now and then, life dips a feather into the ink of time and writes multiple names on history’s pages. In return, those names are printed in books, spoken about in lectures, and studied about in schools. It’s great to have your name printed on paper, but it’s even greater to have it engraved in people’s hearts. It’s a much harder task, but if any man succeeded at finding a place in his people’s hearts, it’s definitely the late Sheikh Zayed.

At a time when countries celebrate the ousting of their presidents, the people of the United Arab Emirates still mourn the death of their late father, Sheikh Zayed. The late Sheikh Zayed’s absence is felt not only within the borders of this country, but also in the Arab World.

The generosity of his two hands expanded throughout the region, aiding those in Palestine, Lebanon, Somalia, and more. Alongside the late Sheikh Rashid, Sheikh Zayed launched a union of seven pearls that ignited a light in the world’s seven seas.

Under his guidance and vision, he provided the foundations that gave the coming generations the perfect platform to perform on. The United Arab Emirates started a desert, and with our leader’s belief in his country and people, it blossomed to the man-made heaven we live in today. We need to recognise the efforts that have been put into the creation of the land we tread upon now and call home.

The kind of bond the late Sheikh Zayed formed with his people goes beyond the formalities of being a Ruler. He was rather a father who took care of each and every member of his family, and his love extended to the generations that never had the privilege of living during his time.

Sheikh Zayed walked towards a certain path, and we’re following his footsteps. It is our job to continue painting the picture our leader started sketching, and we can do so everyday. We continue building Sheikh Zayed’s vision by serving our country. Whether you’re an engineer, an architect, a teacher, an uncle, or a student, it is your duty to serve the country that has generously provided you with the lifestyle you have today. You serve your country by appreciating a construction worker’s effort at building your city’s latest architectural project.

You serve your country by doing your job with your utmost determination and conscientiousness. You serve your country by waking up everyday with just the right amount of motivation to make a difference in someone’s life. You serve your country by making it your purpose to keep placing bricks on the monument we call our country.

“We were like those who had climbed a mountain and reached the top. When we looked down, we still wanted to go higher to realise our goals. Despite all the achievements (within the UAE Federation), we still have an ambition for more. That is my way of looking at things.” 

Those were the words of our late father, and are just the right letters to inspire us to strive further. We will continue to build the legacy he left for us, one day at a time. When I first started writing this article, I had the words “Remembering Our Father Zayed” in mind, but I then realised that he was never, and will never be, forgotten to begin with. After all, our father Zayed will always reside in our hearts. 
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The author is an Emirati novelist-writer

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