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Dr Abdullah left a huge impact on Emiratis
BY SALMA ALALEM January 30, 2017
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SHARJAH: Years are passing by so quickly, but good people and their great efforts are unforgettable. Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam, may Allah the Almighty have mercy on him, was one of the great and prominent figures in UAE history. He was formerly a Minister of Education and Minister of Justice. Dr Abdullah was definitely one of the founders of journalism in the country where he and his brother Taryam Omran Taryam established Al Khaleej newspaper.

For the third death anniversary of Dr Abdullah, The Gulf Today met three women who knew and heard about Dr Abdullah. Raya Al Mihrizi, a voluntary, religious and social work leader in the UAE, and Vice President of the Emirates Society for Consumer Protection, indicated that the late Dr Abdullah was well-known for supporting women socially, educationally, and professionally, as his concern to empower the woman was exactly similar to what we used to know about our father, the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

“Dr Abdullah, may his soul rest in peace, focused on women’s affairs at Al Khaleej newspaper and Kul Al Usra magazine, especially through features that discussed several women’s issues,” she added.

Al Mihrizi did not know Dr Abdullah personally, but she used to deal with his sons and daughters who are treading the same path as their father.

Regarding women’s empowerment, Khalid Safr, former Director of Sharjah TV, and current general director of Barq Al Emarat news, said that Dr Abdullah was considered one of the earliest pioneers who supported women in the media.

“I will never forget the various media coverages that were done for the benefit of the woman, especially focusing on the importance of giving the woman a role in the society.”

Safr personally has benefited a lot from the late Dr Abdullah, as he mentioned, “When we say Dr Abdullah, we mean the solid Arabic journalism that we learnt from him, may his soul rest in peace.”

When asked about the greatest part of his life that she always remembers, Khawla Al Mulla, Chairwoman of the Sharjah Consultative Council, said,  “Dr Abdullah left a great effect on the whole Emirati society, and his death anniversary reminds us of a great man who had really worked hard in establishing one of the strongest Arabic newspapers in the Gulf region to express its political, cultural, and social issues.

“I even can still remember his presence in our primary school when I was a student, I grew up reading Al Khaleej newspaper, and learnt so many things from his written publications.”

Dr Naeema Al Hosani, Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography and Urban Planning and Assistant Dean for Students at UAE University, who heard about the achievements of Dr Abdullah, told The Gulf Today, “As we remember Dr Abdullah on his third anniversary, we’ll definitely recall his major roles in the history of the UAE as were profoundly established not only by holding lead positions in key ministries but ultimately as a member of the negotiating team which founded the Union of the emirates.”

She added, “I urge university students and in fact the whole young generation, males and females to take Dr Abdullah as a role model. His brilliance and dedication were vivid and self-evident in all the undertakings he sought as a schoolteacher, a scholar, a minister and of course as a journalist.

“He strived and worked sincerely and passionately for the benefit of the community and for the whole country.”

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