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Sula Powell: Fish for brainpower
June 10, 2016
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Semester two final exams are at last completed. I am literally in awe that I have been in Dubai for two years and how I have somewhat successfully managed to adjust and sustain myself in student life. I use the term completed because I am not firmly positive they are all passed despite getting up every day at 7am to study, merely missing only two lectures over the whole semester and reading all the recommended books like a proper nerd!

Under all the stress, coupled with a few nervous breakdowns and tantrums where the words ‘I will 100% leave uni tomorrow’ were uttered, I forgot to return all these books and to add to the strain I was fined a crippling 10 dirhams. Ten dirhams I could have easily used to purchase some freshly squeezed orange juice or mozzarella sticks — I know the librarian reads my column and she is quite simply my biggest fan but I was not given any exceptions that day. She did rather awkwardly actually fan girl me once in the library waving my article around in front of everyone; just envisage my scarlet, red face now!

My response to my very inquisitive mum after every paper was that the questions rather inconveniently did not go in my favour — which has surprisingly happened for the last two years — but I tried my very best and ‘inshallah’ I will pass. However, all jokes and my horrific banter aside, it is extremely vital I pass every exam. Otherwise I will be refused entry back into the Edinburgh campus and be stuck here in my desert hovel waving at the feral camels (for a third year) and likely be forced to study irrelevant and taxing subjects like commercial law and quantitative methods again. I did also promise my adorable Gran I would be home in September in time to visit the new Marks and Spencer with her!

In my defence — just as a pre excuse before the results are officially published — the structure of these semesters’ exams, in my opinion, was appalling (admittedly some slight exaggeration here) and very unjust. We had four exams in a row, which of course makes it almost impossible to balance revision equally amongst all subjects. Regardless of downloading a ‘professional’ study guide, a grid timetable to help manage my time and finishing a whole Pukka Pad, I as per usual (and regretfully) ended up solely studying for the first exam and forgetting about the remaining three… thus resulting in some unwise and foolish answers being written. I am optimistically yearning for the marker to seek humour in my answers and feel incredibly sorry for me that I could not remember what ‘decoupling stock’ was.

In the Operations Management exam I somehow managed to forget the different types of inventory, bearing in mind there were only five to remember. It’s very bizarre and perplexing how I can memorise a whole menu, my Freedom Pizza order and all the lip liners I would currently like, it seems it may just be a simple case of priorities (I am presently OK with lip liner taking priority).

I would also like to publicly thank my cousin (I know she will be reading this for moral support) for conveniently — yet unintentionally — booking her latest trip to fall coincidentally around my exams. She is very clued up and wise (no bias here) and knows the only way to override exam stress is brunch.

Apparently, fish is legitimate in its ability to increase brainpower. Yes, I am indeed so desperate to do well that I Googled the ‘best foods to eat that will help you pass your exams’ and then went on to have an outrageous and offensive amount of Omani lobster and scallops at brunch! We also had dinner at Okku, which is now amongst my top three restaurants. I had black cod again which was incredible and I am super thankful the restaurant is dark (darker than Hollister if that is possible to imagine) so no one had to witness me devouring my meal. However, it is now also — finally — apparent to me, that asking for cutlery when eating sushi is extremely uncouth and laughable.

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