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Short Take: AI should not replace humans
January 12, 2019
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AI should not replace humans

The inclusion of robots in our society has been a widespread discussion in our community as over the years many tech-related firms and scientific institutes have introduced and pitched future mind-maps on how robots could be the future of economies, businesses, and even our lives.

News sources have claimed that robots will be built to make life easier for humans. However, a flare of contradictory thoughts and conflicting interests against artificial intelligence (AI) have also developed a sense of fear and uncertainty, with various professionals fearing artificial replacements in their jobs in the coming future.

Research institutes have reported that the integration of robots in our eco-system will disrupt the flow of human employment.

According to online sources, fields in retail, service, and data entry are predicted to suffer layoffs, as AI robots who look capable of putting together long hours of work are more than capable of replacing human beings.

However, we need to start thinking about the prospect of technology differently.

Though robots will be able to deliver work more efficiently, accurately and without any stress, they do not possess human minds which have the ability to be human, i.e., unlike human beings, robots also cannot improvise when the task at hand appears in unorthodox obstacles, as unlike human workers who use their mindful skills of improvisation to tackle unexpected obstacles or blocks, robots are left without intellectual skills to adjust to the situation.

We also need to understand that though robots in some ways will be able to help human beings by making life more comfortable by carrying out daily activities, they will also harm community spirit by causing immense professional dissatisfaction, leading to severe professional depression, lack of human employment and money, thus ultimately affecting the well-being and future of mankind.

I believe that with the potential decline in mankind’s spirit and workforce,

AI will not just have negative impacts on work but will also derail the progress of humans, as not only will robots be unable to cope with uncertain obstacles, they will also damage the well-being of mankind.

We should understand that AI is not entirely a brand of comfort but a brand of unnecessary worry in employment and human spirit.
Rohan Keni

‘Timeless’ secret

They tried putting sand in an hourglass to figure out time, but they forgot that happiness is timeless.

They tried framing time into a clock, but they missed out that sorrow is timeless.

Hanged schedules and follow-up reminders, alarms and calenders...

But they forgot that getting old and aging is timeless.

They hustled and hustled, not knowing that life is timeless and that moments are what matter, peace of mind is what is valuable, and peace of soul is what makes you feel the time deep down.

Because those who remain in materialistic time shall not gain but materialistic memories,

And those who aim to fulfill the moment shall be “Timeless.”
Charbel Moussa

Flying high

The feeling of having someone who makes a house a home is absolutely incredible.

Who wouldn’t want to come back home to warm hugs and delightful smiles?

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with that.

People live together for decades being married, which usually looks so dreamy from far, but is also, most times, far from reality.

It’s always about finding excuses to stay away from one another or just a mere compromise to stay close.

Marriage, a term considered so sacred, that breaking it off is usually looked down upon by many.

So many are okay with people suffering in a bad marriage but wouldn’t approve of the same couple being happy if separated. Usually using children as an excuse to be bound together in this life of suffering, they don’t realize that research has proved that children of divorced parents suffer lesser than the ones living with parents in an abusive or bad marriage.

What’s the point of faking a perfect picture of togetherness when what’s missing is the most important element: Happiness.

On the flipside, any relationship needs effort.

Effort to make it work, to fix the missing pieces and to make sure there’s enough fuel to keep the engine running.

However, one must also remember, “When an airplane’s engines fail, it’s not the end of the flight.”
Niloufar Saleem

Early rising

It was one of those days when you are so tired to the bones that all you want to do is get into bed. I felt so sleep deprived and desperately longed for my pillow and the comfort of my blanket that all awareness fled me. I think I must have had my dinner, otherwise my husband wouldn’t have let me go to bed.

It was no surprise that I was lost to the world the second my head touched the pillow. Oh, what a sound sleep it was! Just what I needed. When I woke up, I was feeling so rejuvenated.

But why was everything so quiet? It was a working day today. Maybe, I must have woken up a tad earlier than my neighbours. And much before my morning alarm was set to go off. 

I looked at my husband, deep in slumber beside me. I didn’t want to disturb him, so I decided I wasn’t going to put on the light in the room yet. I got up and, guiding myself by the night lamp, I walked noiselessly out of the bedroom and into the washroom.

Half an hour later, having brushed my teeth and all that, I stepped out of the washroom, still mystified about the silence prevailing around.

Wondering what could have gone wrong, I went back to the bedroom, switched on the light and looked at the clock. It showed a little past two-thirty. My day had begun very early indeed!

Restricting the urge to laugh out loud, I picked up my book and read in peace.
Vidya Shankar

Laugh without reason

Laughter truly is contagious and someone has rightly said that “you laugh and the whole world laughs with you.”

It is common sight that if one happens to enter a room where everybody is laughing over something, he will also join them even before asking the reason for it. However, seeing someone laugh without a reason looks quite weird.

Recently, while we all were busy, one of our colleagues, who wanted to take a little break after finishing his work, was watching a video on his mobile and started laughing loudly.

As he was having earphone plugged into his ears and his eyes glued to mobile screen he failed to notice that everyone was looking at him.

Seeing him laugh, others also started laughing without even asking the reason for it. After he finished watching the video and took off his earphone, we all asked him to share the joke with us. He again started laughing and explained that he was watching a funny video in his regional language and we won’t understand it.

His very explanation made us laugh all again and believe me nobody really cared for the actual joke.
Faisal Siddiqui

Do you have OCD?

Most of us have had times when we find ourselves thinking about something constantly or worrying about whether we locked the door or closed the tap properly before leaving house.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD, is a type of anxiety disorder. It can be very different from person to person.

Could I have OCD? Do you find yourself having constant thoughts like one or more of the following? Checking switches on or off or checking on the door repeatedly at nights or spending hours excessively cleaning keeping house tidy or checking on your phone whether it’s in your bag or checking on documents and passports several times when travelling?

Patients with OCD check on everything; they check the front door, some of them, over and over again.

I remember a cousin of mine who now lives in the West. He had OCD for the front and back doors of the house especially at night. He used to check several times whether he had locked all doors and windows.

Another cousin’s husband, a lawyer, had this habit of taking bath every time he went to the toilet or washroom, which means even seven times in a day. He hated to travel due to this obsession.

I remember one woman who felt that if the front door was unlocked, someone might sneak in and rob all items in the house. She checks to see if the stove is turned off, sometimes checking over and over again.

But one may also find persons who are just the opposite of who we mentioned above having OCD. A middle-aged man from my hometown, a tea exporter, whose business makes him travel quite often as frequently as twice a month overseas, once went to the airport without checking on his passport. He missed the flight due to this.

Do you have OCD? It’s better with OCD and re-checking than missing the flight. Isn’t it?
Shamila Jamaluddin

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