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Fond memories of a friendship
BY SALMA ALALEM January 30, 2016
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SHARJAH: On the second death anniversary of Dr Abdullah Omran Taryam, former Minister of Justice and Minister of Education, who was co-founder and Chairman of Dar Al Khaleej for Press, Printing and Publishing, four of his close friends reminisce about their fond and memorable association with the legendary pioneer. They tell The Gulf Today they remember him every single moment, asking Allah to rest his soul in peace.

Dr Yousif Al Hasan, a former ambassador and one of Dar Al Khaleej’s founders, and the first editor in chief of Al Khaleej newspaper, said, “I miss Abdullah personally since our friendship has been for a very long time, throughout our journey in Al Khaleej newspaper and Al Shurooq magazine.”

He says that when he reads Al Khaleej newspaper every morning, he thinks of Dr Abdullah and his brother Taryam and their efforts to enlighten the national spirit and exhort the citizens to raise their voice on Arab issues. “Every morning I remember how we used to sit together and discuss journalistic issues and other events besides thinking about the future of Dar Al Khaleej,” Dr Al Hasan remarks.

“I’m fully optimistic about Abdullah’s sons and daughters, that they are for sure able to carry on his vision and mission in Arabic and national journalism, and to develop and react positively to various events and occasions.” After two years of Abdullah’s heart-breaking absence, may Allah rest his soul in peace and provide his wife Om Khalid, his sons and daughters with patience and mercy, he says.

Life without him has lost its value

Habib Al Sayegh, editor in chief of Al Khaleej newspaper, and Secretary General of Arab Writers Union, says that life after Abdullah is tasteless and has lost its value. “He followed a very distinguished method in establishing Dar Al Khaleej as a school of journalism and culture, as he tended to update Al Khaleej newspaper continually. He carefully thought out the development stages without making any noise about it.

Al Sayegh used to deal with Dr Abdullah in different positions. “First it was a student’s relationship with the Minister of Education, then it was the relationship between a reporter and the Minister of Justice, and here at Dar Al Khaleej it was the relation between an employee and his boss,” he remarks.

Indicating that working and dealing with Dr Abdullah closely was a good chance to know him and learn various lessons in life, he avers, “He was a teacher for the whole society not only one person.”

Al Sayegh mentions that as one of the reporting and editing staff with Dr Abdullah, “we learnt that the national issues either in the UAE or the whole Middle East are red line issues, especially the Palestine issue.”

It’s hard to forget you, Abu Khalid

“We all heard that forgetfulness is the treatment for any disease,” Mohammed Khalfan Al Roumi, Chairman of the Arab Journalism Award, says. “However, it’s hard to forget him as the pain of losing him is still bleeding inside our hearts although he passed away over two years ago.”

He indicates also that Dr Abdullah was a member of the negotiating team which was responsible for discussing the union of the seven Emirates. “Abu Khalid was a wise man with a broad mind which made him be a minister three times, and to participate in establishing the UAE University, the first governmental university in the UAE and a great international university, from which many officials in the region have graduated.”

Al Roumi mentions that Dr Abdullah’s passion for the nation was clearly evident during all the conferences and meetings. “His loyalty was marked in all his articles, news, and comments on the hard news.”

The writer and novelist, Abdul Ghaffar Hussein, says, “He left us suddenly as he was in good health already. Thankfully he wasn’t suffering from any ailment or was in old age. He was leading a normal life reading and writing, besides monitoring his projects in media, culture, trade and finance.”

Hussein indicates that Dr Abdullah took care of Dar Al Khaleej as the first local media publishing house in the UAE, until it became one of the largest media publishing houses in the Middle East due to his untiring efforts and accomplishments.

“He was active in several fields – media and journalism as well as administration, politics, and financial investigation. Thus, he had a strong economic knowledge and acuity in trade, as he always believed that a strong media should be based on a strong economy,” Hussein avers.

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