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Seven jailed for gangraping prisoner
BY HAMZA M. SENGENDO November 10, 2017
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DUBAI: Seven jail inmates who gangraped a fellow inmate over a wrangle between him and the perpetrator’s friend, have seen their mercy pleas binned by the Appeals Court.

The five Emiratis, a Sudanese and a Comorian (aged between 19 and 22) committed the offensive attack on the unemployed Emirati man, 24, inside a Central Jail ward on Jun.30 and Jul.1, 2016.

At the Criminal Court on Mar.8, they denied the charges and sought to be acquitted while arguing that they had spent more than six months in detention whereas the victim forgave them.

On Mar.29, the fourth suspect presented a waiver. On May 31, the court jailed the first, second, third and sixth for three years and jailed the rest for one year – plus the deportation of the non-Emiratis.

On Oct.4, they begged the Appeals Court to lessen their punishments and insisted the victim waived his complaint against all of them. However, the court has rejected the mercy pleas.

The victim said he was inside the ward at around 3am on Jun.30 when the first suspect came with the second, third and fourth and told him to choose between an affair and being violently beaten.

He feared them and surrendered. They abused him one after another. Thereafter, he went to the detention ward’s door and gently knocked to summon cops. However, no cop was coming.

He feared the rapists would hear him and harm him. He returned to bed. At around 3am on Jul.1, the first suspect showed up again and threatened him with assault unless he slept with the fifth, sixth and seventh.

The trio abused him in turns. He complained to the personal status office about the incident. DNA tests were positive.

The seventh suspect claimed that the victim had consented to the abuse.

In police records, the victim complained to an Emirati police corporal that the first suspect approached him and started blaming him over a heated argument he reportedly had had with his friend.

The first suspect then told the victim that his friend sent him and others to rape or assault the victim in revenge…When they went to bathe, he fled and reported them.

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