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Beat those beauty woes
by Manjula Ramakrishnan September 15, 2017
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In the ideal world summer months should translate into lounging by the pool, comfortable sandals and beach trips that will define weekends, barbecues and cookouts holding the promise of fun. But if it also means stressing over dried-out hair strands, dull, flaky skin and allied problems then clearly we need help.

Hani Hamshari, Managing Director of En Vogue Beauty Centre, a luxurious salon and spa, gives us the lowdown on how to deal with summer’s top few beauty woes.

Frizzy hair only gets worse in summer. What could be an easy remedy to address this?
Sun, salt water and chlorine can give you brassy, brittle and frizzy hair. Keep in mind using the right hair care and styling products are essential no matter what your hair problem is. Go for sulphate-free shampoos as they are best in restoring moisture in your strands. Applying conditioners from mid-lengths down to the ends are also great as they will smooth the cuticle of your hair and let moisture in. Doing a hydrating mask of oil or specialised hair treatment also works wonders. A great hack — microfiber towels for drying your hair is yet another winner. They quickly absorb excess moisture compared to your normal towels and that diminishes your blow-drying time, so no more extra minutes of further subjecting your hair to heat.

Lack of hydration and dry skin are perennial summer maladies…
Sun and swimming are not the only common causes of dried out and irritated skin but being indoors with round the clock air-conditioning can also take away the skin’s natural moisture. For beach vacations and pool trips, remember to wash your face and body with fresh water to remove any salt or chlorine buildup. It’s good to gently exfoliate with a loofah during baths and showers to remove dead cells; and of course, while still a bit damp, lathering the body with a rich lotion and your face with a moisturiser are essential to lock in the moisture. Treat your skin to an efficient and nourishing facial like the Hydradermie Double Ionisation, recognised internationally as one of the most technologically and revolutionary advanced skin care treatments. This facial treatment increases the complexion’s radiance, and deep cleanses and moisturises the skin by using positive and negative ions to rehydrate deeper layers of the skin and speed up cellular regeneration. There is also the Aromatic Body Softening Treatment by French beauty brand Guinot that is worth trying.

What is the best way to prevent back acne?
Extra oil secretion and excessive sweating are staples during summer and these are your main culprits for back acne. Keeping your back clean is the way to go. Wash and exfoliate to unclog pores and to slough off dead skin. With regard to clothes, it is best to avoid fabrics that hold heat and moisture close to your skin and choose ones that allow your skin to breathe. You can also try the Purifying Back Treatment to make sure you get to wear those tank tops and backless sundress.

Cellulite is an eternal problem, particularly for women…
If you are one of the many women who suffer from hard-to-remove cellulite, you might want to turn to LPG’s Endermologie treatment to boost your confidence. Although diet and exercise can help, both, unfortunately, are not enough to totally banish the appearance of unsightly dimples on the skin. The LPG Endermologie is an American Food & Drug Administration-approved French technology that is proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, sculpt away inches and improve overall skin tone. 

Are there simple remedies for cracked heels?
Summer fashion is not complete without wearing flip-flops. Over time, it can unfortunately do harm on our feet’s skin. The pressure of rubbing your sole can cause blisters and, on top of heat-related factors, constant exposure to air makes your heels rough and dry. These not only create calluses but heel fissures or cracks in the skin. While this is a common problem to many, it may get uncomfortable later on, and worse, can lead to deeper cracks and pain when left untreated. To prevent cracked heels, moisturising your feet regularly is a must. Effective home treatments include heel balms or thick lubricating ointment, such as Vaseline. Wearing it overnight with socks will bring results. Foot soaks are also helpful, and so is exfoliating with a pumice stone to reduce the thick and flaky dry skin. If you want a real treat, go for a spa pedicure. The spa pedi’s luxurious foot soak is healing as it helps soothes your muscles while hydrating and rejuvenating the skin. The salt bath that is included in the treatment also prevents bacteria and other harmful substances from settling in the cracks, and it’s good for softening cuticles too for a totally pretty feet.

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