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Trio incarcerated for hawking poor girl
by HAMZA M. SENGENDO October 11, 2018
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DUBAI: A businessman and a couple who ganged up to exploit a girl in prostitution must see out their five-year-jail terms, the Dubai Appeals Court ruled.

The Asian businessman, 38, his company clerk, 32, and the clerk’s housewife, 27, brought and exploited the underprivileged Pakistani, 15, inside an apartment in Frij Murar until Police intervened on Jan.28.

They had lured her into coming to the country with the prospect of employing her as a nightclub dancer. They instead threatened her and demanded her to refund Dhs18,000 they spent on her ticket and visa.

The Criminal Court jailed them for five years and slapped each one with a Dhs20,000 fine plus deportation. The Appeals Court modified the ruling by dropping the fines. However, it upheld the jail and deportation.

On the record, while bringing the girl from her homeland they exaggerated her age in the passport.

The businessman and clerk received her at the airport and took her to the apartment where she found women working.


The clerk and visitor told her she would also be a prostitute. She refused. The clerk’s wife threatened to sever her connections with her homeland and force her forfeit the money spent on bringing her to the UAE.

Investigators discovered the clerk and his wife would fetch clients and collect between Dhs100 and Dhs200 from each. The clerk would gather proceeds to be later deposited in the businessman’s account.

An Omani policeman testified that a source alerted the police that an underage girl was being exploited in the brothel.

Two cops posed as clients. The housewife welcomed them in and directed one to meet the girl behind a curtain.


A police team stormed the apartment, apprehended the housewife and seized Dhs480 and paraphernalia. An Emirati lieutenant said the housewife revealed the businessman was paying her Dhs2,000 and paying her husband (the clerk) Dhs2,500. 

Police arrested the clerk in Al Baraha and found him with Dhs6,500. They also nabbed the businessman who claimed he was not aware of the brothel. The clerk testified against him and mentioned the money he was paying them from the proceeds.

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