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Sula Powell: Lemsip and macarons
March 04, 2016
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This week has probably been the worst week I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing in my two years of being here in the UAE (excluding the few nights spent frantically finishing coursework until 4am — which by the way, still cause severe dizziness just at the thought).

I have been ill (prepare the violins) probably like 99% of my peers at university. However, it is sincere, I was not exaggerating. Of course, the overall experience is most definitely made worse when confined to my dorm room and ‘single’ bed which is easily likened to the width of a child’s bed (with back breaking abilities and the warmth of concrete). I think the situation all escalated whilst trying to deepen my tan — which awkwardly is now non-existent.

A new note to self, always eat and drink water to the extreme when in the sun or run the risk of heat stroke. To comfort and reassure myself that my fever was not life threatening I checked Google, rookie mistake #1. Whilst lying in my room surrounded by never-ending desert I was convinced thanks to Google, I now had brain damage and that without a doubt the end was near.

After narrowly overcoming my heat stroke escapade I then developed a cold again, curse the vitamin C! To cut a long story short, Google was used again and antibiotics seemed to be the answer — so wrong, very wrong! I reacted badly and was bed bound, I also cried far too many times to recall and most likely because my appetite was supressed. Next time I must consult with a real-life doctor that is not Google and strictly avoid self-diagnosis. This was also the first time I have ever cried to come home (just to clarify it was a one off, I am still a young, independent woman). I know my Gran would have had the whole of Marks & Spencer’s in her fridge for me!

Thankfully I am almost fully mended, just in time as my cousin arrived armoured with my bag of goodies — mainly consisting of any flu fighting tablets, there is positively enough Lemsip drinks in every flavour to last a good few years.

After having no appetite for over a week it was only customary to overindulge and have a severe carb up. My lovely friend gave me a nail voucher for Christmas (she knows despite living on a budget I always try and remain glam) where a Shakespeare and Co café is perfectly and conveniently situated directly outside the salon! I have visited Shakespeare three times this month with no shame. The poached salmon salad is possibly my new favourite and the garlic butter with hot bread and the mozzarella sticks and the dauphinoise potatoes, right now anything with carbs goes! The Silicon Oasis branch, which has taken me long enough to visit, is a mere five minute drive away. They have entertainer vouchers and the macarons are AED 5, what more could I need? However, it could possibly be a bad thing especially now I am starting to lose count of how many macarons I have eaten this month, I can imagine the sugar overload is just slowly killing me off.

My cousin has also been feeding me up; I am convinced she has been sent strict instructions from my gran! She knows how lovingly my obsession for seafood is so we visited ‘Catch’ at the Fairmont on Sheikh Zayed Road. I think the restaurant could be up there in my top 5, however, I was slightly sceptical with their ‘sharing concept’ as sharing, food in particular, is not within my capacity. Some may say I am greedy. I ate such a ridiculous amount of food it was sickening, it is also beyond me how I didn’t drop anything on my crisp, white trousers let alone burst out off them! The crispy, soft-shell crab sushi, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and truffle fries were definitely the highlights of the meal. Quite worrying that I deemed AED 120 for macaroni cheese as okay but it was worth it. The whole atmosphere was incredible with loud music like a nightclub vibe, just a shame I overindulged and could not move!
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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