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Letters to the Editor
May 02, 2015
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Sharjah is uniquely attractive

When I first came to Sharjah just a month ago, I often found myself among many excited tourists in malls and restaurants. So I am not surprised to know that Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) has high hopes regarding Sharjah’s tourism sector.

The SCTDA unveiled Sharjah Tourism Vision 2021, aiming to attract more than 10 million tourists by year 2021, when the UAE celebrates its 50th anniversary (“Sharjah to attract 10m tourists by 2021”, April 30, The Gulf Today).

There is a reason why Sharjah is a preferred top destination by millions of visitors, as it has so much to offer. From finest museums to traditional souks that truly capture the old-world charm, from modern malls boasting of a variety of brands to chic restaurants, Sharjah has it all!

That SCTDA is continuing to focus on the unique flavour of Sharjah’s tourism sector and also coming up with strategies to enhance upon it, through four pillars as the report mentions, is bound to bring many more tourists to Sharjah  by 2021 than estimated.

Arshiah Parween — By email

Communication gap

I read Birjees Hussain’s Friday column with great interest. I agree with her when she says that just because somebody is living in a multicultural society does not necessarily mean that he or she is adept at communicating with people from different cultural and linguistic background (The communication dilemma, May 1, The Gulf Today).

The writer says there are so many non-verbal expressions around the world and they can easily be misunderstood by somebody outside the culture. And, yes, verbal cues can also turn out to be quite misleading.

I said yes when I read this: “Communication, whether verbal or non-verbal, is all about sincerity and integrity. In fact, regardless of the cultural differences, sincere communication in all its forms is the heart of understanding.”

This is why I find it disturbing when people judge others by their own cultural preferences and taste of language. The point is we should be more accommodative and understanding of other peoples and cultures. This will surely give birth to a vibrant plural society, not just a multicultural one.

Umar Aman — By email

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