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September 06, 2018
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What is the only indigenous monarchy in the Pacific?
1. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her Sapphire anniversary as Queen of England. On June 2, 1953, the 27-year-old Queen Elizabeth II and her husband The Duke of Edinburgh were driven in the Gold State Coach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, the setting for every Coronation in England since 1066. The queen ascended to the throne immediately following the death of her father King George VI in February the previous year. Breaking with tradition, when asked what regal name she would take, what was her reply?

2. The poor response shown by audiences and high operating costs caused which iconic Circus company to close its doors on May 21, 2017?

3. Which is the heaviest lizard of all, with an average weight of 130 Ibs. And, some reaching nearly 180 Ibs?

4. While texting is relatively new, some of the abbreviations we use for it are much older than we might think. For instance, the earliest reference found is in a letter dated September 9, 1917, from Lord John Arbuthnot Fisher to Winston Churchill. In the last line of Lord Fisher’s short letter about newspaper headlines that were upsetting him, Lord Fisher wrote: “I hear that a new order of Knighthood is on the tapis. ‘__________’ Shower it on the Admiralty!!. Which texting term?

5. The peanut is a nut. True or False?

6. The book starts in the 1960s when Knight decides to travel the world at the age of 24. He has, what he calls “a crazy idea” — importing Japanese running shoes into the US. What is the name of the memoir by Phil Knight, the creator of Nike?

7. Who was both Tutankhamun’s stepmother and mother-in-law?

8. What is the only indigenous monarchy in the Pacific?

9. Which unusual entity is featured as a principal character in the following books: The Seventh Seal; The Book Thief; Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey?

10. We all use this in all our mobile and internet usage. Which image form was created in 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita?


1. Elizabeth famously said: “My own of course, what else?”

2. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

3. The Komodo Dragon

4. OMG (Oh My GOD)

False. The peanut is a member of the bean or legume family and is, technically, not a nut

6. Shoe Dog

Nefertiti. Although Akhenaten was indeed Tut’s father, Tut’s mother was one of the Pharaoh’s other wives. But that’s not all. Further complicating the family tree was the royal custom of intermarriages: Tut married the daughter of Nefertiti and Akhenaten, which makes Nefertiti not only Tut’s step mother, but also his mother-in-law

8. Tonga

9. Death

Emojis. Back in 1997, Kurita worked for a Japanese mobile phone company named NTT Docomo. Kurita created three categories of emoji — media, services and emotions. The first 177 were released on a mobile phone in 1999

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