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Elderly ‘serial molester’ lands in court
BY HAMZA M. SENGENDO January 03, 2018
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DUBAI: An elderly man allegedly in the habit of molesting female beachgoers was indicted on Tuesday for targeting a teen after luring her with a free swimming lesson.

The 61-year-old Arab employee asked the Emirati schoolgirl, 17, to try swimming on a float. He then seized and forced her hand under his clothes, the Ports Police Station records showed. 

“No, I didn’t do that,” he denied and asked the Criminal Court for time to find a lawyer. The jury adjourned the hearing till Jan.21. Prosecutors asked for a tough punishment. 

A Moroccan security guard explained to police and prosecutors that the defendant was a repeat offender in this field. “He had signed as many pledges not to molest females at the beach.”

The Emirati schoolgirl said that at around 1.40pm she was with her female friend, 16, when the defendant arrived and asked to play volleyball with the latter. They played for some time.

“He then asked me to try the swimming float. I accepted and entered the sea with him. I climbed over the float and it lost equilibrium.

“He held my hand. However, he continued holding it.

“All of a sudden, he forced it under his clothes,” she complained and gave a detailed explanation of what he forced her into doing. She said she was too scared to understand what was going on.

Her friend said, “Both spent some minutes in the sea. I went towards her asking her to come out. She looked perplexed and started making eye gestures. I could not understand what she meant.

“I and the defendant held her hands and helped her out of the sea. I went my way. She came to me looking scared. She shivered as she explained that he had forced her to “touch” him.

The Moroccan guard added, “I rushed to the scene upon a tipoff and found the victim frightened. She told me he seized her hand, kissed it and placed it on himself. I confronted him. He asked me to convince her to talk to him. She refused. I took him inside the beach’s security office.”

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