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Gulf Forum marks great role of Taryam Omran
February 03, 2018
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SHARJAH: The 38th round of the Gulf Development Forum, that is being held under the name of late Taryam Omran Taryam, in Kuwait continued its agenda for the second and final day on Saturday.

This year’s round has been dedicated to Taryam Omran in recognition of the great political and journalistic role he played in the UAE and the region. The late Taryam Omran played an active part in all stages of establishment and development of the United Arab Emirates. He was one of the advocates who called for the unification of the Emirates. While it seemed difficult to form a union of the nine emirates, he was among the first who called to unite the seven emirates, which is now the UAE.

The Forum is themed “The Gulf and Regional and International Transformations,” and is being held in Kuwait. 

The opening speech was delivered by Mohamed Al Rumaihi, in which he talked about the role of the late Taryam Omran in the political and journalist affairs.

The two-day forum is discussing the impact of the US policy on foreign policy’s perceptions of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, and the impact of China’s emergence as a great power in the economic development of the GCC countries. It also discussed the global developments and challenges faced in the GCC countries. It further discussed the role of Islamic banks in the economic developments of Gulf region. Furthermore, it will discuss the issues of identity and affecting transformations, and the Gulf citizenship with respect to the current political and social changes.

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