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Scorpio sidesteps Sagittarius
December 07, 2017
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Mars has always been a volatile planet to contend with in Astrology. The planet is known for its energy (adrenalin), spontaneous action, impulse and yes, even destruction. Mars goes by instinct and leads by it. The warrior within one and all is heightened when Mars pays a visit by sign or sphere of life according to Astrology. The strength is undeniable and in your face but with Mars’ movement into Scorpio, we have to rewrite that description. The secretive, lethal, revengeful Scorpio on the negative front handles this energy behind the scenes so we may not know what’s coming when and if it strikes. Be aware of this fiery energy that burns within and work to dilute it with spiritual studies and forgiveness.


Mars in Scorpio advises being passionate about one’s actions that help to transform. Avoid the temptation to lose control which will inevitably lead to destruction. Have a week that’s filled with passion for the right purposes.
Mars moves into that sphere of your chart that deals with joint finances and partnerships. It is a strong placement and along with Jupiter and Venus, it is a powerful period to pursue joint finances with one’s partner, business and/or personal. The energy is powerful and urges you to commit to joint ventures that look powerful. If there is secrecy that you are not comfortable with or any other “shady” deal then no matter how powerful the promises of this Mars, avoid it. This is a passionate energy and if used constructively can lead to the powerful joint venture for you but if misused then the end could involve deviousness and even destruction.

This time it is the Mars energy that moves into Scorpio and for you that means a lot of action in matters related to one’s partner, legal issues and commitments or the end of commitments to a relationship. For some, it could be an exciting, passionate beginning. Whichever way this Mars energy works for you, it is time to take a decision but be wary of your strong emotions and the need for revenge especially in connection with a partner. The odds are against you and in favour of your partner so seek balance and play fair. Chances are your partner won’t and for some of you, it won’t matter as you are in the stage of being mesmerized.

Mars moves into Scorpio indicating that there is action that is needed to be taken in connection with work, health, in one’s daily routines, with animal companions and colleagues. You are in for a phase of hard work where things have to change – your diet for one, exercise and of course your new routine and that could be because of a promotion, additional raise or new working environment. It is a powerful phase that will transform you but watch out for revenge, angry dark and hidden emotions and any other destructive form of thought process because it will lead to action that you regret. When such emotions envelope you, have a healthy salad, fruit and fresh, warm water to dilute the negative emotions or work out!

The shift of Mars into Scorpio calls for a powerful phase that evokes the romance in your soul and you will see it acting out with those you love. This is where you are your most creative and being creative constructively channels this powerful and passionate energy. This is the time to take a break and go on a good vacation with the love in your life or with your children. New recreational activities will bring out the best in you. It is time to expand your joy and this beautiful period knows how best to do that. Just follow your heart and believe in the passion you feel.

LEO (JUL  21 AUG  20)
Mars in Scorpio calls for action in connection with one’s home and family. This is a challenging period and the energies are hidden and secretive so be aware of the volatile emotions coming to fore and spewing over. If you feel it coming on, it is time to release yourself in private. Get rid of the angry, dark emotions and ask for forgiveness to guide your way. On the outer, it could be an expensive time for home and family due to relocation, expansion and short trips overseas. This the time for changes to be incorporated and astrologically this energy will force you to make the changes or take decisions for new changes to be implemented.

With Mars moving into Scorpio, it gives additional support to Virgo to go ahead and take action in connection with those around, the immediate environment, overseas trips, all manner of communication and commutation as well as education. This Mars is poised for power – the power of the mind. Virgo will be supported in its actions. There is support from loved ones as well as those overseas. It is a strong season to communicate for there are many opportunities available once Virgo starts to interact. Get this Mars into communication action!

LIBRA (SEP 21 OCT  20)
Mars’ shift into Scorpio highlights the passion and action connected to one’s personal finances, values and possessions. This is the go-getter for finances but in a way that is behind-the-scenes. With Venus and Jupiter already in Scorpio, this Mars joins to give Libra’s current financial conditions an additional and powerful boost. This is the ideal time to take action in connection to one’s personal finances and to stand strong on one’s passionate beliefs. With no planet standing in the way of personal finances, this period is ideal to work on personal finances. Continue to review all manner of communication and commutation.

Mars moves into one’s own sign indicating a major new beginning for Scorpio and one that needs Scorpio to take action. Scorpio’s power is at its peak and with Venus and Jupiter already in Scorpio the trio is too strong to overcome. On the positive side, the transformation is immense and there one feels empowered and even spiritual. But on the negative side Scorpio may be arrogant, manipulative, devious and even destructive. The secretive nature is highlighted during this phase and Scorpio must take care not to ruin the self and others because of its toxic emotions and actions. The choice to use this new energy is always present. Use it constructively to take action for the good of all concerned.
This is one time that the action planet Mars is subdued. The transit of Mars into Scorpio indicates a period of rest and quiet in the outer world. However, the inner world will be filled with strong emotions and deep passions. It is a secretive phase that involves relationships, finances, journeys overseas and where things are put into action. But be aware of the private nature of things and if they are not honest and direct, drop them immediately and turn to meditation or spiritual studies to help you avoid the temptation. This is a wonderful period for rest and retreat where the dark emotions may be purged for the arrival of a brand new you.

Mars in Scorpio is an energy that is supportive of you. This is the time to take action related to social causes – the causes you hold dear or are passionate about. You make a strong and powerful member of such causes. This is also the phase to socialize with your groups, friends, organizations, and for the implementation of future goals. There is promise for finances and relationships and for short, successful journeys overseas. Be passionate in all that you undertake for the best outcome when you take up a social cause. Remember to review private messages or your own inner thought processes because this period continues to point to chaos, misunderstanding and lies as Mercury is still retrograde.

Mars shifts into Scorpio calling for challenges that need or enforce you to take action and make, sometimes, drastic changes to profession. This can be a volatile period where emotions held within will seek release. So be wary of this and release strong emotions in private. This is the period where your reputation is being viewed and weighed and a light slip may cost you your entire career or make you lose face in public. This professional phase looks at partnerships, their resources, relocation, expansion and a host of other actions taken to establish the profession. Just be wary even as you embark on this passionate journey.

PISCES (FEB  21 MAR  20)
The shift of Mars into Scorpio works as a favourable energy for you if your passions are in the right place. This emotional energy promotes you overseas and seeks to establish connections that expand you progressively. This is the period to take action and journey overseas for the best outcomes. There are partnerships of all kinds in store and new people who are beneficial to you come into your life. Take charge and empower the self in the right way for this energy is also known to tempt you to destruction where things are “too good to be true”. Meanwhile, continue to review all communications thoroughly in connection with your profession.

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