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Short Take: Age does not matter
January 27, 2018
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Age does not matter

Fitness is for all ages. Running is one of the most popular forms of morning workout and it can help start your day in a pleasant mood. Running is an exercise almost anyone can do, and it’s a great way to lose weight.

As a beginner, all you need is loose comfortable sports clothing and a good pair of shoes. A sports shoe that is specifically designed for running will help you avoid muscles and bone injury. Usually in the gym, running on a treadmill, you will find that outside running is more difficult.

My usual daily goal is 10,000 steps a day or more. You too can try.

Time waits for none. To keep up with its running pace, you must be fit and always on your feet. Running is a form of workout, while for some others, it’s a form of relaxation as well.

For a few it is like connecting with nature. Running (or even brisk walking) will improve your leg muscles and your cardiovascular fitness. Finally, you need rest and sound sleep. But don’t run everyday.

Running can be the easiest or most challenging exercise. The best part is you can do it all for free for yourself.
Adnan Mehmood

Life in Emirates

The UAE is a great place to be in. People come here from every corner of the world. As you settle down, you get to enjoy amenities which some expats may not have in their home countries.

Life is easy here as compared to several other places and the living standards are high. The dazzling city lights up at night. Wildlife sanctuary, Ski Dubai snow park, beaches, dune bashing, kite surfing or a stroll around the world’s biggest shopping mall are some amusing things in which people take part.

The crime level is low and it’s a very safe country for women. Women are treated with respect and the UAE ranks first in the world for respecting women among 132 nations of the world.

Switching to the culture of the UAE, the rich traditions of the seven emirates are a big part of life. The souqs, traditional markets, which were once the centre of everyday life, are an essential place to visit.

Many of them have been preserved in their original state, giving a picturesque impression of what life used to be like. Dates, camels, Arabian horses, and falconry are still important aspects of life in the UAE today.

The UAE has a tropical and arid climate for about 8 months of the year. You will enjoy day after day of glorious sunshine and unbroken blue skies. You can plan a barbecue, camp in the desert or on the beach, meet in the parks, or at the beach club, all safe in the knowledge that it’ll not be rained off.

Temperatures are at their lowest during December, January and February, and then steadily climb. April is still OK but by May it gets hot and you spend less time outdoors. June also is hot and hideously humid.

July, August and September are hotter again and even more humid. In September the temperature starts to drop slowly, but it’s still hot. October, we’re back to enjoying the beach, avoiding the middle of the day, and November is perfect!
Sakeena Banday

A reminder

Your failures are what shape you because you don’t learn anything from winning other than that you are already good enough.

They are fresh reminders of our weakness and the forces that push us forward and they are especially important for children so that they don’t develop a fixed mindset.

For me that reminder was at the AUDMUN 2017, for context the AUD stands for American University in Dubai and MUN Model United Nations and each of us represent a country and we have to vote on behalf of our country on two topics.

The first day it was OK. I met the people I was going to do MUN with and then went to the introduction party. I didn’t dance a lot because I don’t like dancing to disturbingly loud music. I left late in the night because the school bus was my way home.

The second day was not that good. The thing I noticed was that if I wanted to be in control I needed to talk more and the second thing is that people started forming groups. I was not one of those people (And because it is voting process that decides who wins the more people you control the better).

The third day: The real discussion started and groups had been made. In the end I was just an onlooker. I joined no group.

The fourth day: We just finished the first topic and were moving on. I did give a speech but the more I talked the more mistakes I noticed. By then I had realised what happened to me and just gave my vote to those whom I thought were most right.

For me the sad part of it was that I only talked once when there was so much more potential.

From that experience I learnt how not to fail next time.
Hussain Munawar

Everyone’s beautiful

“Watch this video of the world’s most beautiful woman. You’ll be amazed.”

This video tagline caught my attention. Well, who wouldn’t want to experience beauty? So I delved in.

And was amazed!

For, the person in the video was not some beauty pageant winner, a silver-screen heartthrob or a blithe mermaid. No glowing skin tones, no chiselled curves, no luxurious cascade of wavy, knee-length hair.

The person in the video was disfigured in the most unimaginable manner, a bag of wrinkly skin that could do with a lot of blowing up. But when she began talking about her life’s battles, I could see why she was indeed the world’s most beautiful woman.

I always used to think I wasn’t beautiful at all. My face used to be all pimply and I had a lot of fat where it was not required. Till one day when someone whom I’d never met except on social media, messaged me saying it was an honour to have known someone as beautiful as I was.

Come again!

We were part of a support group on social media and we knew each other through the posts that we used to write about how we found happiness in each day, even when there were days when finding even a sliver of joy would have been impossible for many.

It was the smiles I gave myself on such difficult days that made me beautiful.

The message not only made me rethink about the conventional standards of beauty norms but also about the way I saw myself.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at the beautiful face smiling at me. Yes, I was, to put in the words of a friend, as beautiful as the moon with all its craters.
Vidya Shankar

Better half

A few years ago, I was in Pakistan and got a chance to attend my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary. My grandfather shared some bitter and sweet memories about his married life with us.

“Today, I’ve made your favorite cheese toasts,” his wife declared one day while walking out of the kitchen.

“Not again.”

He thought of giving an excuse, but couldn’t ignore those expectant eyes, which waited for some words of appreciation.

“The toasts are wonderful,” he put on an act without really meaning it.

It took another incident to make him realise the need to express appreciation to near ones.

One day, he got the news that his dad had suffered a heart attack.

He rushed to the hospital. Sitting on a dilapidated bench there, he saw two women, both crying and trying to hold each other - his mother and wife.

He could spot his wife trying to give strength to his mother, when she herself was feeling weak inside. He reached closer to them. Impulsively, they got up, hugged him and started crying.

“Don’t worry. He’ll get well.”

His wife held his hand.

There was something in that touch, which told him that she really meant that. It was a feeling that could be passed on only by a person who truly cared for others.

That night my grandpa returned home to cook dinner. His wife also rushed back before he could start cooking.

“I’ve brought dinner for you from outside,” she said.  He was deeply touched. He wanted to acknowledge, but words didn’t come out. Both stood motionless and suddenly she winked.

“You don’t have to say anything. I know. I’m your bitter half,” she said, smiling.

“No. You are my better, in fact, best half.”
Zakir Jawed

Reel vs real

While working with a movie editor, I realised the power and effect of technology on the celluloid.

Cinema always brings plenty of pleasant memories. It dramatically highlights life’s struggles.

It was my childhood dream to contribute to a film, as the big screen depiction of sentiments and manoeuvres of heroes influenced me a lot in the early days.

With an excellent team, we managed to transform the thoughts of an elderly community struggling to cope with the real-life situations.  

While a two-hour movie brings a full cycle of life, the little time we spent to visualise the gaps between the generations brought us lots of memorable moments.

The team’s little exposure to the world of cinema fetched some real funny moments while filming; at times, some of the serious and sentimental expressions even made us laugh.

What astonished me most was how the facial expressions changed the character and how they behaved in their real life.  I realised how quickly people could switch over to different tempers without losing their credibility.

While we easily criticise actors and technicians after spending a short time in the theatres, days and days of hard work by those artistes hardly get the right recognition or appreciation.
Ramachandran Nair, Oman

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