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Sara Al Mheiri: When Adonis turned Psycho
September 12, 2014
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His mouth is opening and closing yet I can’t hear anything. I don’t even care about what he has to say to be frank. I just want to stare at his beautiful face. All day. Every day. His perfectly tousled hair that my fingers are just itching to run through. I think he is asking me directions to ...something. I can’t even hold my attention for one second before I let my eyes wander from his broad shoulders, down to his chiselled chest. His clothes are perfectly tailored to his Adonis body. He must work in finance. I realise he stopped talking and I quickly snap my head up. “Ha ha ha, I know right.” I reply with such confidence that shouldn’t be there. Clearly I have worked out the secret to all conversations since I seemed to have responded correctly. If he wasn’t so perfect, I wouldn’t be focusing on his looks only. I would be trying to engage in an intellectual conversation that would capture his attention. But, he is way above my league. As in ions away!

So, for now I’ll just look, as one would look at a beautiful Monet painting. You can’t have it so you try to study it as much as possible and remember that euphoric feeling it gave you. I glance down at my watch and realise I have to go, so I bid him adieu and walked along my merry way. Not even two minutes later, I feel a tap on my shoulder!

I turn around and it’s Adonis himself, breathless. ‘So, it seems my flirting tactics are out of practice. I was hoping to get your number?’ I stared at his phone then at his face, open-mouthed. Something happened inside where I suddenly became the confident New Yorker I always esteemed to be and handed him MY phone. No, you can give me your number. (Mainly because it’s for my own safety but he doesn’t need to know that.) He responded with a cheeky grin as he typed on my phone. Before I walked away again, I turned around and asked, “How old are you?” What he said next shattered my world. Thirty. 

Now readers, I am just shy of my twenty-first birthday. But thirty is a whole different level. Thirty to me, is the age of children, marriage and when you start to wonder about your retirement. I walked away dazed. He didn’t look it at all. Do I look older? The next day I confided in my other co-workers about this. They gave each other a look and burst out laughing. ‘Sara, all of us have had or still have late 20s/30-year-old boyfriends. Thirty is the new twenty.’ I was still confused. They then proceeded to explain how thirty-year-old men are at the stage where they take relationships more seriously. Furthermore, unlike the average college guy, they have their life put together. They have a stable career, permanent residence and they know what they want in life. I have to admit, that did sound better than the college guys I know!

This all started to sound better by the second. Men, not ‘guys’ who still have the fun, easygoing personality but with better perks. However, I decided to use one of my lifelines and phone a friend. Immediately her response was no. I apparently clearly look like I am twenty so why is a ‘paedophile’ flirting with a much younger woman. I tried to argue the fact that to some, I do in fact look older. However that just encouraged her to scare me some more by comparing him to a somewhat modern day American Psycho.

The handsome, flirtatious man who works in finance but brutally murders women in the night. I laughed it off only to get laughed at by fate not even five hours later. At 1 am, I heard a scrabbling at my front door. Now, living in New York City, I have over three giant locks on my door and I wasn’t worried until they started to bang the door to the point where it visibly shook. And there I stood, with only a plastic hanger in one hand and my phone clutched in the other thinking to myself “Oh my god, he found me!” Of course, it was just a drunk man who mistook my door for his but to me, that was a clear omen. Maybe the young silly college guys are the way to go. Until they turn into thirty-year-old murderers too!

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Sara Al Mheiri is a young Emirati woman who is currently living
in Boston, USA, where she is specialising in media studies with a
focus on women's studies. Sara is the ultimate nomad who flits
between countries observing new societies and their culture.

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