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Sula Powell: Back to routine
February 05, 2016
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It is so nice to be back in the UAE after nearly three weeks away, despite being greeted by sickeningly similar lashings of rain I experienced the whole time I was in Scotland, like a nauseating, never-ending deja vu. We usually describe it as “driech” weather back home or in layman’s terms — gloomy. I am convinced that due to my accommodation being so secluded and basically situated in the desert, the weather is much colder and windier. I always deem it a bad weather day — easily translated to a duvet, film and snacks day — when Burj Khalifa is not visible from my window! Annoyingly, we are apparently to expect more rain. The golden goodness look I aspire to is well and truly scrapped and yes, I am currently still wearing — or proudly embracing — polo necks.

It is also time to look for summer internships. Last summer my internship sadly fell through so I am determined not to endure that again and finally, firmly secure one. I have crosschecked my CV so many times I am starting to go insane. Bravely or crazily, depends on how you construe it, I have decided to look for work experience/internship opportunities in Dubai, in the summer. I will 100% be boiled alive, I know. So far no successes to report back on but I will continue to pester some companies until I receive a reply.

My cousin has been back in the country, which means for one night, insisted by her, I could eat something scrumptious and not chopped haphazardly with my beloved butter knife. We ate at La Parrilla in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel — quite a regular occurrence me dining there — okay, twice but most definitely something I am okay with. I had seafood of course, gigantic and somewhat overwhelming tempura prawns followed by sea bass and churros to finish. That meal was savoured and even coupled with photographic evidence to remind myself how delicious and possibly how unsatisfactory student life is but more importantly a reminder of how appetising (literally) it could be providing I study hard.

I was also equally as impressed with the live salsa dancers. My eyes, never mind the rest of my body could certainly not move as swiftly and elegantly as their feet. Nor were they indulging in tempura prawns or deep fried, sausage-shaped donuts judging by their outfits or more like the lack of outfit if I am honest. I think that may be my new, potential interest, salsa dancing. I love the outfits and the music; all I need to do is venture somewhere for lessons, specifically somewhere that is not one million soul-destroying miles away, accompanied by a crippling Dhs100 taxi fare from my desert accommodation.

Despite the weather, there were a few nice days where I managed to visit the beach. It has been so ridiculously long since I was last at JBR, the metro ride always killed it for me and the Dhs80-100 (depending on how annoying the driver wants to be) taxi is a no win situation really. I think it is evident here I am quite a hater when it comes to taxis. I was however, so overjoyed and ecstatic to see my favourite camels at the beach, although I have been kept content as I did spot some wild ones roaming around the desert where I live. It was so beautiful, a real Arabian-like experience. Back home I am continuously faced with non-road aware pheasants and deer, so it was rather refreshing. I am obsessed for some unknown reason with camels, so I will be buying a stuffed camel (naturally a pink one of course) from The Camel Company before I leave.

I also think I may have found my new favourite restaurant:  Jones the Grocer. Everything is homemade and organic and I love the little shop attached to the restaurant selling all their goodies. I had the salmon and sweet potato chips, my other obsession, and a tiny, baby raspberry macaroon. It is possibly a blessing that the restaurant is situated so far away by Sheikh Zayed Road, otherwise I would definitely be bankrupt.
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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