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Sula Powell: Polite persistence
March 18, 2016
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It has finally come to that dreaded point in the semester when all midterms and coursework deadlines rudely, engulf you at once! The only miniscule bit of relief I have, is this semester conveniently entails zero math related subjects. How I survived (and passed) last year’s Statistics class really is a miracle, I honestly think I would prefer an accounting class and be plagued with a million balance sheets. 

Again, this year three out of the four coursework tasks are to be done in groups, which is extremely stressful and draining. One class requires a group of between seven and nine individuals, I imagine that will be the perfect concoction for disaster! I definitely think a group of all girls is sometimes worse, I find us all at times resembling a group of screeching cats trying to get our point across. Thankfully the discussion rooms in the library are semi sound proof, otherwise we would receive that awkward death stare from the librarian.

I was also very, very lucky (third time lucky to be precise) to be grouped with a ‘free rider’ who sends the work at their leisure (late), deems it appropriate to reference ‘’ (a huge, big no go and potential disqualification) and says goodnight at 8pm and asks to keep him ‘updated’ the night before the deadline because he had previously stayed up all night (not because he was doing work by the way). Frantically, last minute my friend and I had to redo his work. Thankfully my eye drops come in extremely handy and hide the 2am blood shot eyes, just not entirely sure how long my stress ball will stay intact!

I also managed to progress slightly with the internship hunt. I had a casual interview with one company to discuss some potential work for throughout the summer. I am so glad and thankful my cousin was here to drive me and help me when I stupidly could not manoeuvre the elevator — I can just imagine how wrong it all could have went, I can see it now, a taxi de tour up and down Sheikh Zayed Road made worse along with tears of stress and a late arrival!

However, it all seemed to go well; just slightly awkward when my nose started to run uncontrollably thanks to the ice cold AC and my never ending flu. Luckily I was saved just in time as I had the free tissues Emirates issue on the flight stuffed rather unprofessionally in my bag. I was also highly praised for being the only potential intern to ever call them directly; apparently it showed my determination and drive. Maybe I was being an utter pest and they just wanted to be polite, either way despite appearing a bit coy I did feel slightly pleased with myself.

After the ‘chat’ I was given a tour of the office. I think, or I at least hope, I managed to look sophisticated and business-like in my heels and pencil skirt and not remotely like Bambi on ice — it is hard to look at peace and stay composed when you get that ‘she’s the new girl’ stare!

Conveniently (more so for my stomach), the office was situated near the Souk Madinat (probably my most favourite place in Dubai), as I was hungry as per usual. We had a ‘small’ dinner at The Meat Co, which I feel was needed after such a long day. Apparently the restaurant run a loyalty scheme, something I should probably engage in seeing as though I have lost count of the amount of fondants I have consumed there.

My new favourite dish is the apple, feta and quinoa salad, it is really just about the only thing I have room for after demolishing the bread. Shamefully I have actually asked for another loaf before, I am on a whole new level when it comes to eating. For dessert my cousin and I shared the Chocoholic Experience. To be fair I must ensure I use the expression ‘shared’ incredibly lightly as I know I easily devoured almost the whole bowl of raspberry and violet espuma to myself with no regret or guilt.
Sula Powell is a Scottish/Jamaican business student at
Heriot Watt University in Dubai. Sula is a keen horse rider
and a part time model holding a number of prestigious titles
including Europe’s Perfect Junior Teen. For the remainder
of her journey in the UAE, Sula will be sharing her experiences
on the ups and downs of student life.

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