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Scorpio-Sagittarius shakedown
Your friendly astrologer Mel November 09, 2017
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There are times to stand still and take in the energies around us as well as work on ourselves and understand the nature of such a process. This week is one of those times. The new energies of a watery energy such as Scorpio and a fiery energy such as Sagittarius are not going to be easy to deal with simultaneously. But if one can focus on passion in the area it is required and truth in the area where it is required, one can strike a balance and even out the odds. Two different energies can co-exist in harmony and apply its skills to the task needed whether it is a relationship, the self, a career, finances, relatives, the partner, the boss, the colleague, the animal companion, the education, the travel, communication, work, health, friends, dreams and many more. So here goes!
Apply passion and intensity as well as emotional depth to the areas of life that demands this and use truth, faith and trust in the areas of life that ask of it.  Onward to the passion and the truth!
This week is about understanding both the energies of water and fire. One must apply the water skills of emotion, depth, passion and power; work on joint financial commitments with a partner or partners because here is where passion and depth are needed, sometime secrecy too but be wary of being power hungry that leads to being devious for this could turn fatal. Seek truth, freedom and expanse with matters related to overseas, higher education and even with one’s in-laws — these truths will promote Aries favourably overseas and even bring about relocation because of the growing need to reach out with confidence, faith and optimism.

This week is about understanding the elements that are not of earth such as the fire and the water energies. Taurus is comfortable in its own skin but adapting and accepting takes time because of the resistance put up due to stubbornness or a lack of understanding. This week, seek to bring passion, depth, emotion and intuition to a long-term relationship that is beginning or is growing. Give new lease to an old relationship. This could be the end too. But whatever the situation, apply passion and empower self and the other now seek to be in control.

This week begin to understand the energy of fire and water and apply the passion and depth as well as emotion to work, health, animal companions, colleagues, and even in one’s routines – it is important to give meaning to such matters. Passion and power may rule Gemini and excessively so during this period and over the next 12 months approximately but let that power empower not take control and manipulate. Apply truth and optimism; faith and trust to a long-term relationship and to the partner. This period seeks to stabilize but be confident and believe when doing so for then rewards will be sure.

This week the water energy will further empower Cancer but the fire energy may create tension and difficulties because this energy is not naturally in sync with Cancer. The Scorpio planets will boost the power and passion for relationships, children, creative ventures and recreational activities. This is a strong period for Cancer where love and finances appear to be harmoniously in sync and things begin to look good and feel good too. This is the beginning of a romance that could lead to a long-term relationship. But work and health need attention and this period is about putting truth, trust, honesty and optimism and taking a chance when it concerns any or all of these matters.

LEO (JUL 21 AUG 20)
Mercury in Sagittarius is favourable for Leo and this energy is in force, along with Saturn also in Sagittarius. Together, they form a solid base for constructive communication and even travel that seeks long-term relocation. This period will seek truth and extol the Leo personality especially when it is about romance, children, recreation and creativity. On the other hand, the water energy of Scorpio poses challenges for change in one’s home and family. It may turn out to be a major one. Finances need to be monitored during this contrast period and for expenses related to home and family.

The water energy is always supportive of Virgo (unless it’s Pisces) so when Sun, Venus and Jupiter align in Scorpio, the effect on Virgo is pleasant and promotes communication, relocation, expansion and travel. Virgo can look forward to opportunities that prove to be beneficial to matters related to communication and commutation. Apply passion, depth and emotion to one’s communication and education. The fire energy on the other hand brings challenges to home and family where changes need to be made. It will be related to travel and long-term relocation. Be truthful and above all trust the Universe.

The fire energy brings excitement to the life of peaceful Libra. With Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius, Libra will find many opportunities through communication and commutation with those around and via education. This is the time to be upfront, truthful and to have faith above logic. The water energy of Scorpio is Libra’s advisor and will advise the focus of passion and power related to personal finances – the goal is to empower the self and stay in control and to do this means to be passionate about the pursuit of financial stability and independence.

The water energy is Scorpio’s own homeland. It heightens the passion, the need for power and the intensity in relation to all matters that involve the self. With the Sun, Venus and Jupiter in one’s own sign, the need for self-promotion and self-love is gargantuan. If not careful and there is greed involved, the destruction will follow after the megalomania. But if the power is to empower and the passion is pure love then the sky’s the limit! With the fire energy, Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius seek to advise Scorpio to trust, have faith and take the big leap forward – one that is financially constructive and stable.

The fire energy heightens Sagittarius’ need for promotion of self and for expansion and even possible relocation that has a favourable impact on Sagittarius. This is the season to discuss to make things stable and constructive for self but matters should be spoken truthfully and with confidence. The need to think big is here for Sagittarius only this time it is tempered with truth and responsibility. The water sign alignment calls for Sagittarius to retreat in solitude and focus with passion and depth that gives rise to spiritual intensity and the need for personal empowerment.

The water energy is supportive of Capricorn and provides beneficial opportunities through socializing. This is the period to interact with groups, causes, friends, acquaintances and organizations. Power and passion are the driving forces for success when it is for these matters and Capricorn will be imbued with the power to make social changes of an intense nature. Friends made during this period turn out to be loyal, passionate and steadfast. The fire energy is Capricorn’s advisor in the sign of Sagittarius and Capricorn’s reflection and retreat to take a leap of faith for a constructive outcome is inherent in this energy pattern.

The fire energy of Sagittarius is supportive of Aquarius when it comes to socializing. This is a good period to enter into constructive communication with groups, organizations, friends and acquaintances. Socialization advises one to be truthful, take a leap of faith and be optimistic – it also advises one to think big in a constructive way. The water energy of Scorpio brings challenges to one’s profession and public life as well as image. This is period to make changes but be wary of one’s reputation. Power, passion and intensity are the process of such a change and must be handled with higher intent.

The water energy in Scorpio is favourable for Pisces and promotes the Pisces personality in matters related to overseas, higher education, foreign media and even one’s in-laws. This is a good period to initiate foreign expansion and even a possible relocation. It is at its strongest for money, romance and the self. However, the fire energy in Sagittarius calls for challenges to the professional life as well as to one’s public image. It needs truth and faith as well as confidence. Pisces needs to be wary if being deceptive for this energy will bring the deceit to light. Make the changes and allow truth to play an important role in the profession.

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