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2014, It’s going to be joyful in UAE
By Mohan Vadayar January 01, 2014
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SHARJA : The year 2014 was welcomed with lots of hope.

Seers in all spheres of life predict this year to be sound and healthy for the GCC region, especially the UAE, and its residents.

The best part of that being that if an Emirati is fortunate, his family is fortunate, and so are his associates. Similarly, if an expatriate is fortunate, all his relatives back home are fortunate.

It is like the story of a lost horseshoe. The nail is lost, the horseshoe is lost, the horseshoe is lost, the horse is lost, the horse is lost the soldier is lost, the soldier is lost, the battle is lost, and when the battle is lost, the kingdom is lost.

So, just reverse the order. You will only stand to gain.

The year 2014 will be full of blessings. So say the predictions.

The position of Jupiter and Saturn over the region changes in the next year making it a prosperous one, said a senior astro-gemologist and feng-shui practitioner in Dubai.

“To begin with, we do not believe in this kind of prophecies, but there are bright opportunities in the UAE to blossom and bear fruit,” a top local expert said.

Anyways, there are opportunities and they should be encashed at the right time, like a photographer being at the right place at the right moment, expert businesspersons say.

“I had gone through harsh realities, the ups and downs of business in this country after I landed more than 15 years back. I am still fighting tooth and nail to find success at the end of the whole deal,” an Indian businessman, who preferred anonymity, said in Ras Al Khaimah.

“My family lost a lot, But now I am trying to regain the losses,” he said recalling the twists and turns in his old family business in Dubai. There are eclipses in life like those in the skies. We are part of the universe,” he said.

Incidentally, there are only four eclipses scheduled for 2014. A lunar eclipse on April 15, a solar eclipse on April 29, another lunar eclipse on October 8 and a solar eclipse on October 23.

“Eclipses usually bring about a sudden change, business opportunity and love encounter. Also accident, divorce and loss. It is advised that one remains doubly cautious during an eclipse. Avoid travel, surgery or starting a new project,” Babu Narendra, the astrologer, said in Dubai.

The weather is expected to be normal. “The winter, like last year, may be prolonged. There could be another cold spell this month. It will be pleasant for more time than expected. Fluctuating weather is what we forecast,” Chairman of Adco Astronomy Club and Member of Abu Dhabi Heritage Group Mohamed Talib Al Salami said.

“We have seen a once-in-a-lifetime event on Nov 28, the arrival of Comet ISON, which did not make any impact on our planet. This was the most important sky event in the past year,” he said.

The National Geographic Abu Dhabi (NGAD) introduced Comet ISON, nicknamed the Comet of the Century, to the people of the region in November as the ‘Dirty Snowball of the Cosmos.’

The earth will witness so many meteor showers in the coming months of winter, but it will be nothing compared to Comet ISON and its fearsome approach to our planet.

The earthlings expect nothing like Shoemaker-Levy Comet or Comet ISON to come near our cooled friendly planet in 2014.

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