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Birjees Hussain: Idiosyncrasies of everyday life
July 20, 2018
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Exclusive to The Gulf Today

Sometimes things just tick us off but not too seriously I hope; it’s more of a pet peeve which, at the same time, is fairly reasonable. We all have our own set of things that irritate us and, in the case of the instances to which I am referring, there’s nothing we can do about them because someone else owns them.

One of the things I notice time and time again, and it’s not in all supermarkets, is the way items are stacked on shelves. In some supermarkets some things are stacked in such a way that they are completely out of the reach of customers. They could be on the highest shelf or stacked so far back that it’s impossible to get them without the help of a shop attendant who, by the way, isn’t always in attendance.

And just as bad is putting items on shelves that are not high enough to fit them in. The result is that if the shelve is packed solid you have to struggle to pull the item out because its top is lodged behind the bottom of the shelf above it and its bottom is lodged behind the top of the shelf below it. I once struggled so hard that the 1 litre orange juice in a plastic carton fell on to my foot creating a giant bruise. It was so painful I remember saying ow! 

Another thing that not only irritates me but baffles me too is why supermarkets here stack tins of spaghetti in tomato sauce with dry pasta. I assure you they’re not the same things. This item is just like baked beans and should, therefore, be stacked alongside it. I tried to explain this to one supermarket but they were not convinced!

Now I am often put off by using paper cups when I am at an office. Often I have found that the first person to the open the bag has done so from the wrong end, meaning with the mouth of the cups facing the opening of the bag. The result is that every time someone takes a cup out they end up touching the rims of the other cups with their hands. I find that icky! In my view, the correct way should be to open the bag from the other end so that you touch only the bottom of the cup you need.

Have you sometimes got into a lift and found that every single button to every floor has been pressed even though no one is in the lift or no one gets off? Obviously this is a prank by some uncontrolled kids to wind people up. Now in some lifts, these buttons can be cancelled, so no big deal, but when they can’t, imagine if all have been pressed and you have to go to the 20th floor. It’s actually outrageous.

When I used to drive, the one type of vehicle that irritated me was pickup trucks. These vehicles appear to be designed to be incredibly slow on the roads so why is it that their drivers insist on being in the middle or the left most lane thus slowing everyone else up? They should be in the right most lanes which are for slower vehicles but since they are not, other drivers are forever overtaking them.

In the old days when mobile phones did not have a QWERTY keyboard, it was a huge pain sending text messages. So to make life a tad easier, we started using shorthand. Instead of writing ‘see you’ we’d write ‘c u’ or ‘r u ok’ for ‘are you okay’. This was perfectly understandable and expected. Then when the blackberry was introduced with a QWERTY keyboard it became very easy to write fairly long and full sentences without these silly abbreviations. So why would people who now have a fully functioning QWERTY keyboard on their smartphones or even their laptops write in short hand? I have received emails that have read along the lines of ‘how r u’ or using ‘ze’ or ‘de’ instead of ‘the’. Or using ‘y’ instead of ‘why’. It’s very annoying and really quite disrespectful to the recipient. It also shows that the sender is careless. In fact, I will go so far as to say that this type of messaging shows more about the sender of the message than its recipient. Unless of course you are using Twitter which has a character limit, in which case, please go ahead. LOL

And finally, this next pet peeve also tells everyone more about the sender than the poster of his own message. If you are on LinkedIn, no doubt you have come across many job postings on your feed. I find it irritating when some people simply respond to those postings with ‘interested’ or ‘please review my profile’ even when the job poster has clearly asked that CVs be sent to a specified email address. Would you hire someone who does not read the full instructions or ignores them?

What irritates you?

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