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Dha600,000 fine for ID fraudsters
BY HAMZA M. SENGENDO January 28, 2018
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DUBAI: Four men who set up a forgery den helping ineligible persons obtain Emirates IDs have been fined Dhs600,000 in total and imprisoned for three months plus deportation.

The Egyptian mastermind, 36, a compatriot businessman, 51, and his associate, 51, and an unemployed Saudi man, 48, faked an Emirates ID application by submitting bogus documents online.

They forged a “To Whom It May Concern” letter of a camel racing club showing that the Saudi man worked there. They filled in data attributed to the club’s executive manager then applied for the ID.

Their activities came to light on April 24, 2016, according to records at Al Muraqqabat Police Station. The Criminal Court has fined each one Dhs150,000 and sent him to jail, to be followed by deportation.

The CID discovered there were people obtaining IDs using bogus documents. Investigations revealed the mastermind, businessman and associate were involved, said an Emirati lieutenant.

Upon their arrest, they confessed and revealed they were counterfeiting documents attributed to a royal office and a camel racing club. And that they forged a letter in favour of the Saudi man.

They said they were using their computer to fake documents. They attached fake documents to the application of the Saudi man’s ID application they sent to the identity authority.

Police issued circulars against the Saudi man, explained the lieutenant. He heard about it and went to the CID to defend himself. He was detained. He denied any role in the forgery.

He argued that the businessman and his associate had a transactions clearance company.

Thus he paid them Dhs3,500 and asked them to help him apply and obtain an Emirates ID.

In an earlier case, a police officer said, another unemployed Saudi man upon arrest confessed to have submitted fake documents to the authority upon directives from the businessman and his associate.

The businessman said he, his associate and mastermind had been using forged documents to swindle ID’s from the authority. And that he and his associate were in charge of searching for clients.

The associate said each client paid between Dhs5,000 and Dhs15,000. The mastermind confessed to his role in forging documents by altering names, nationalities, dates and reference numbers.

He pocketed Dhs600 per transaction. Sometimes the businessman and associate escorted clients to the authority’s centres to finalise procedures. Police seized a computer and devices from the mastermind’s apartment.

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